Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes. In this article, I provide the most dependable Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator promo codes. These Roblox Codes of Anime Fighting Simulator are active and valid and OP working. I collected all codes of Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator from their official website. 

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes:

I always update this Anime Fighting Simulator Codes list with new codes. If you want more Anime Fighting Simulator promo Codes, then asked in the comment box. Cause new codes depend on the number of players wants. So asked here for more Anime Fighting Simulator Promo Codes. 

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes(Active/ valid/ OP working):

  • defildstream: 2 000 Chikara shards. NEW
  • emperadorsubs: 1000 Chikara shards. (NEW)
  • Defildyen: 1000 yen.
  • GGgames40k: 1500 Chikara shards.
  • merrychristmas: Chikara Shards.
  • lastyearcode750k: Chikara Shards
  • GoodByeBugs: Chikara Shards.
  • subtofrangoforchikara: Chikara Shards.
  • defild700k: Chikara shards.
  • tigre200k: Chikara shards.
  • frango2yen: yen.
  • fav75: 500 yen.
  • sub2tplanetmilo: 500 yen.
  • subtomrrhino: 500 yen.
  • vis1ts5mil: 500 yen.
  • sub2razorfishgaming: 500 yen.
  • subtokelvingts: 500 yen.
  • tigrehaveyen: 500 yen.
  • rename: Chikara shards.
  • defild: Chikara shards.
  • 700klikes: Chikara shards.
  • 20kblockzone: Chikara shards.
  • sub2emperadormaxi: Chikara shards.
  • emilioglad30k: Chikara shards.
  • n1colas2sub: 1000 Chikara shards.
  • 10kfollowers: 5000 Chikara shards.
  • 650klikes: 10000 Chikara shards.
  • oneyear500m: 20000 Chikara shards.
  • bloodlinesfixed: 5000 Chikara shards.
  • 600kamazing: 5000 Chikara shards.
  • bloodlinefixes: 5000 Chikara shards.
  • tigretv2sub: Chikara shards.
  • tigretvsub: Chikara shards.
  • subfrango: Chikara shards.
  • L3NI: Chikara shards.
  • subn1colas: Chikara shards.
  • n1colas2sub: 1000 Chikara shards.
  • Subemperadormaxi: Chikara shards.
  • Sub2tanqr: Chikara shards.

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes(Expired):

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator authority was recently released new codes. Here I give all Expired codes. Remember you can not get reword anything by redeeming expired codes. So. do not waste your time.

Anime Fighting Simulator Expired Codes:

  • reached450thanks.
  • 900kmembers.
  • 500komg.
  • dance.
  • subtigretv.
  • twitter5k.
  • frango2sub.
  • 550kisalot.
  • milestones.
  • frangonovo.
  • erbitosaiyan.
  • ty41milvisits.
  • 10klikeswow.
  • fivethousandlikes.
  • release.
  • thanks4onek.
  • ThankYouEmilio.
  • chichine8kfollowers.
  • glorious400.
  • impeccabletwo75.
  • w0w300klikes.
  • TwitterRewards2.
  • astounding225.
  • TwitterRewards.
  • mighty200k.
  • ilovetobreath.
  • marvelous350thousand.
  • 500kmembers.
  • rollback.
  • 1seventy5kay.
  • one50klikes.
  • 125kthanku.
  • christmas19.
  • Ty4100k.
  • seventyfivek.
  • 50fantastic.
  • vis1ts5mil.

How to Redeem Anime Fighting Simulator Codes:

If you don’t know how to Redeem Anime Fighting Simulator Active Codes, check this part carefully. 

First, click on the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen. Then type the code you want to redeem and enter the code to claim rewards. If you have any doubt to redeem Anime Fighting Simulator codes Watch this video:

How to Play Anime Fighting Simulator Game:

Anime Fighting Simulator gameplay is so simple. First, you have to Train your frame and mind to emerge as the most strong warrior. Unlock swords and powers to destroy your foes. Now investigate the map to set your power. Whatever you do, the arena is yours for the taking.

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Social Account:

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