Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021. Annihilation Battle Royale Game Bangladesh 2021! A Bangladeshi video game is coming. It’s a video game made by Bangladesh! A few years ago, the video game technology of Bangladesh was unreal and imaginary.

Annihilation All Update Bangladeshi Game 2021

But now, Bangladeshis made different video games on different platforms. They have started making Bangladeshi video games in Bangladesh. Some days ago, the Bangladeshi first video game “AGONTUK” is made. And Info Official website has also an exclusive post about the interview of “AGONTUK” video games creator.

Already Bangladeshi developers created a racing game, an open-world GTA type game, now this time the action shooter video game made by Bangladeshi manufacturers is coming! Not only that, It is a multiplayer based battle royale game(Like Call of Duty!). If you are a gamer then must be known Need For Speed racing and shooting game type Bangladeshi video game. And after the GTA type high-quality open-world video game. This time the Bangladeshi developer provides us multiplayer based Action games (Like Call of Duty!).

Update: 15/02/2021

New Image of Maria

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Update 4/2/2021:

Are you guys ready for something? This is the first time in Bangladesh, Annihilation Official Discord Server is going to be the First Verified Server in Bangladesh! And Annihilation team aware of Fake Pages, Groups, etc. Hence currently we are in contact with every Social Media Community Team/Community Programme Managers. Hopefully after/before Release our all Social Media Accounts will be Verified just by completing some Requirements and getting ready some Business Documents.
Their First Goal is Bangladesh Market so we are currently updating 60% of the News in the Bengali Language. And our Main Content Creators are from Bangladesh and you guys know them very well! If we get a good response outside the country Hopefully we will focus on Global Marketing! They already managed some well known Content Creators, Esports Team. Keep supporting and Be Patience. Hopefully, they will gift a Cool Game to everyone.
They also released their Annihilation game characters. Below I give their identity with their photos.
Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021
Here I give their official Social account link: If you want to know then check:

January 18: I am coming to save you.

January 17: Look here, A Aircraft is flying over the Building! Are you excited to play?

January 16: Rickshaw in City, Are you Ready to Drive Rickshaw?
16 January: We have more beautiful scenery to share from our journey.

Annihilation All update Game Character:

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Game Character:

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Gun Collection:

Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation All update Gun Collection

Annihilation All update Gun Collection

Annihilation All update Game Requirements:

The builder said that the construction work of the game has been completed by almost 80%. When asked about the system requirements of the game, the creator told that they will be able to tell the correct information by adding DMR at the last stage of the release of the game. However, the 60FPS gameplay shown in the trailer on the PC is powered by Intel Core i5 (6th Gen), 8GB RAM, and Nvidia GTX 960 system.

Here you watch the Annihilation Battle Royale Game Final trailer. So see now:

Annihilation Battle Royale Game 2021

The name of the game is (Annihilation!). Here you find the best authentic information about this game. Crisis Entertainment Ltd! was developed this Annihilation game. It is an online multiplayer action video game. you need to make sure you have internet with high speed. otherwise, you got a ping problem(Network Problem). I think this game released on Steam in December this year (2020). The game has Chitaggong of Bangladesh and various foreign locations as a background (as a map).

You will find here a different timeline design. Where the aliens come to the earth and take over. The country’s armies start a civil war to save the earth. The shooting system is just amazing. I feel good to watch this game trailer. If you play with good ping you got the best performance of this game. Cause This game mechanics and shooting system developed professional competitors. You have to know that. They are the best game developer in our country.

Annihilation Battle Royale Game has different character skills are various types. In the game, the Unity game engine has been used as the engine. The developer tries to make this game with good and balanced graphics. This game has also different types of weather systems.

Annihilation BD Game

On May 13, 2020, at 12 noon Bangladesh time the trailer of the game is published on YouTube. And that was the official information about the (Annihilation!) game! Here is an exclusive interview with the creators of Info’s official Exclusive Annihilation. Info official Exclusive about the game:

In December this year (2020), you will be able to download the (Annihilation) game on steam with the pc version. This game developer has not yet confirmed the price of Annihilation. However, The founder of this game says that this game price is very low, cause we make sure that we make something.

Annihilation Battle Royale Game BD

In the game, we will see some imaginary maps of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Alien comes to our earth and they take our mind control then they make some separate unit. they fight each other and some of those people players reach the main alien’s lab and destroy them. this is the game story. We will not fight the aliens directly in the game when they take over the earth.

Only a few months later you will get the Annihilation Battle Royale Game on Steam. The price of the game will be kept as low as possible, said the creator of the game. On behalf of the entire Info Official, best wishes to the entire team of (Annihilation!)

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