Annihilation Characters Salman Shah, Maria Rahman, Beatrix Evie, Damien Oscar All Information!

Annihilation Characters Maria Rahman, Beatrix Evie, Damien Oscar All Information. Soon, the Annihilation authority releases three characters biodata. I am describing according to my thoughts.

Annihilation Characters Salman Shah:

Authority gives only Salman shah face reveal in there official social channel facebook and youtube. I also provide it here.


Everything is ok. But there is no Bangla voice in the game . It is very sad. Because it is a Bangladeshi game. Or we are banglali. So, developer team should include Bangla voice there. Well this better be a super early developement progress else it’s actually garbage you guys even have bugs in your featured trailer on playstore, I hope you guys live upto the hype you guys are creating.

Annihilation Characters Maria Rahman:

Why a weapon in the hands of a doctor? Is peace and war on opposite sides of the same condition?

They said that the HSC students of 2020 have passed the auto pass, nothing will happen to them. “Maria Rahman” is a living example of how big a mistake that is.

 The first place in the Dhaka Medical Admission Test is the right and then the youngest graduate and Ph.D. holder from the first Harvard Medical School in Bangladesh, the whole story is like a dream. But the “council” becomes a nightmare. They claim that Maria uses alien technology and they have enough evidence. Without a research team, and any money allocation, how is it possible to bring technology like “Telepathic healing” to market alone?

In fact, telepathic healing is a medical method that heals 70% of the damage from a distance, so that the user of bullets and explosives can do no harm for some time!

But why the weapon in Maria’s hand? Do you think Maria has used alien technology? Or the conspiracy of these councils? Who will you support this unknown organization “Council” or Bangladeshi meritorious Maria?

Annihilation Characters Beatrix Evie:

Beatrix Evie, her head worth 25 million to the assassins! After completing her Ph.D. from the University of Western Australia, she was invited to join the “Council”. One weapon after another was made by abusing his talent. The most horrific of these were electromagnetic manipulation and plasma shock waves. He escaped from the “council”, sending one assassin after another to finish him off. Councilor assassins repeatedly stabbed themselves with their own weapons.

Who are these “councilors”? What is their relationship with Alien Technology? What do they want? Can the Beatrix fight them alone? Or will he be silenced like everyone else?

If you want to know all this, you have to play the Annihilation sci-fi Battle Royal game.

Annihilation Characters Damien Oscar:

Damien Oscar – Top cyber mercenary on Mossad and CIA’s youngest most wanted list. Age only 16.

 The first discussion comes when he was just nine years old, hacking a UFO kept in Area 52. After that, he did not have to look back, he has worked for various spy agencies in the world in one cyberwarfare after another. The brutality of the U.S. military in the war of the fall of North Korea in 2027 adversely affected the tender heart of this teenager. He hacked the US missile system to prevent a nuclear attack. As a result, he has declared a Rogue Agent.

Since then he has been in hiding for three years (until 2030). But he has been seen active again in one of the places in Bangladesh. After so many years, why suddenly in Bangladesh?

What does he want? But does it have anything to do with the alien devices found in the country? The animation game has to be played to get the answers to these questions.

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