Annihilation Game Release Date & APK Download link 2022

Annihilation Game Release Date & APK Download link 2021. BD Battle Royal Game! Annihilation is the best upcoming battle royal game in Bangladesh. This game has an excellent and fabulous storyline. This game story the year2030, but I think if the year will 2050, it would be better. Because it is a science fiction Game.

Annihilation Game Bangladesh

It is my opinion, the authority says to me: Actually, the plot of Annihilation is in 2030, and it’s sci-fi but not crazy as other cyberpunk genres, and the plot is designed to be as much realistic as possible, so you are going to see technologies much align with the current gen of tech.

I don’t think people will care much about graphics if the gameplay is smooth. PUBG mobile on smooth graphics looks pretty bad, but people still play it because of the gameplay. But I know you guys will make it better over time. I played many beta versions, I usually get a most common issue, which is ADS time delay ( longer than usual like 2-2.5 seconds), and sometimes some games lagged at ad time.

Update: 27 December 2021:

Annihilation Available now in Play Store!!!

Play store Download Link: Annihilation Mobile – Apps on Google Play

Annihilation Game Release Date BD Battle Royal:

Annihilation Game Release Date 30 July 2021

If possible then check that before the beta release. Games become more effective in action moments, and they also make real sense. Make the game smooth and make the gameplay/controls. People gonna love it. Don’t worry about graphics whatever people say. If the character looks a bit more realistic I think it would be good. This game is playable on both pc and mobile. And in fact, this character was designed specifically for mobile.

Annihilation Beta version download Link:

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Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download Link:

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Annihilation Game Release Date:

Annihilation Game Release Date 30 July 2021

Annihilation Game Release Date not fixed. Any thoughts on releasing on mobile? And what pc specs do I need for this game? This game releasing this December 2020. Please join our discord to learn more. 

Honestly, you should upgrade the graphics. Because it’s a PC game. Though I’ll play it from day one. But if you want to attract foreigners you have more work to do. It looks like a mobile game. Here also I have one opinion about the story. That’s the problem of Bangla, write a bold story and it sounds like the same cow essay. And it Relatable maybe we don’t know how to use its true potential. 

I have another question about the Annihilation Game Release Date, and they answer me:

Annihilation Game Bangladesh eview

Since you guys are developing the game wouldn’t it be better to divide the characters into two different sides? By which I mean that you guys should also add some characters that come from the Council. The other side of the characters will be the one who is against the Council.

If you do that then the game will be more fun to play Because when there are two different teams you can take a side and fight for that side. And you should also keep some characters that are normal or that are not from any sides (Normal people).

Annihilation Game Release Date and Review- BD Battle Royal Game!

I do not have a good mobile. So I will be playing on the Steam best storefront for games where you are releasing the game. And of course, it has a review system. I hope you will read the feedbacks and take the necessary measures. I just do not want anyone to say that our Bangladeshi game has cheap graphics.

And you could try to add arena deathmatch like Call of Duty or Battlefield. It would make the game more popular because except Call of Duty mobile no other free-to-play game offers arena matches. There is just so much competition in the Battle Royale Genre. Why I am speaking too much? Because I care about this game and do not want it to be a failure.

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