15+ Best Ways to Make a Successful Blogging Partnership!

Today I talk about the Successful Blogging Partnership! In this post, I provide 15+ best ways to make a Successful Blogging Partnership. So stay with us and realized, which option best for you. The partnership is bad practice in this blogging sector. 

Basic Discussion about Blogging Partnership:

When entering into a partnership, measure the word count for your partner. I mean, the total word count of the website including all the content. Calculate his honorarium based on that. It’s his investment in the website.

You calculate your worth by how many emails you’re writing and people you’re reaching out. Keep tabs on link costs, expired domain costs, web two setup costs.

Write them down. It’s your basic cost for ranking the keywords. When you’re down with the total cost of the website and have the revenue, convert the cost into a percentage.

Divide the revenue according to that percentage. Pay your partner for new guest posts for old keywords. Add to the website cost and his tab when writing for the website and guest posts. 

Some Question For A Successful Blogging Partnership.

  • How long have both of you connected to blogging?
  • What have you/he done before? How has it gone?
  • Both are faithful?
  • Do you follow through on what he says?
  • What do others say about your partner?
  • What are their skills?
  • Do they have time?
  • Do you have a relationship with them already?
  • Do you know others who know them?
  • What does your Gut say?

Successful Blogging Partnership

Initially, here he can get more or you. No one will have any problem selling the site. You may feel unfair, even to him. I could absolutely say Fifty Fifty. The cost should be yours and all the maintenance. Only then you can keep the ratio 50/50. If you divide the cost too, it should be 60/40.

Otherwise, invest in $25 for every per 1k word for your articles, then you will understand “why?” Note: Writer skill very good. I told the whole process the way I am with my client. He has seven websites. That’s why it doesn’t affect me or anyone else.

But If you are not a writer then, they can not go into partnership with you. Cause content is not everything. But both of you are loyal then, both of you will join the blogging partnership. If he is an expert and successful writer, then it will be a good result in your blogging career. That would not pretty stupid actually.

Logically I need to explain all issues. The marketer has no initial investment. Moreover, doing proper product research is also a lot of trouble. If the product of a topic can be researched properly, then it is possible to optimize the article by 50%. Even if we take a target of one lakh words, but the writer is investing two lakh rupees.

If you are all right about the kind of writing skills you are talking about, you will be able to do link building with the income you will earn from 4/5/6 months. And to maintain the site, the marketer has to spend a lot of time apart from the initial time, but not that.

After all, if both have equal rights to one thing, then the two are more likely to have the same interests, otherwise, there may be emotional tension at some point. There are many more such arguments for giving 50% to a writer. Then It will be a Successful Blogging Partnership.

Successful Blogging Partnership My Story:

I have been working in partnership for a long time, Alhamdulillah. There has never been a problem and there never will be, InshaAllah. The problem here is that one person has to accept in a special way. If everyone wants to make a boss/ argues unnecessarily on small matters/ wants to prove himself wise without knowing/ does not act according to words, then there will be a problem.

How to Become a Successful Blogger Partnership?

If you are an Affiliate blogger then you need to learn SEO. No need to bother, try to rank the posts of the website with one money content and ten info content by dragging it to the top of Google. If you learn to rank, you will enter the field. The mentality of the people of our community, as it were, would not tell us to partner.

However, if you want to do, then what percentage of the site’s income will get, what percentage of income and expenditure will be calculated, who will get what percentage after selling the site. It is difficult to find out the percentage without knowing how it will be.

Find out how much time it will take to write your article + your hourly rate based on how much your investment is. Then find out the marketer’s investment based on how much the marketer has to pay in time + his hourly rate + how much it will cost in backlinks. Then think about what percentage you would agree to.

Finally, both of you need to have some abilities like Adaptability, Written Partnership Agreement, Good Communication, Work with good Habits, Shared self Goals, Strong Execution, Decision Process, Absolute Trust, Complementary Skills, Planned Exit Strategy. I hope you will Find The Right Successful Blogging Partnership. Good luck.


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