Brave Nine Tier List 2024 & Coupon Codes

Brave Nine Tier List 2023 & Coupon Codes. Brown Dust recently marked its second anniversary. To celebrate the event, the game has been re-branded. This popular game is no longer called “brown dust”, We called it now Brave Nine.

Brave Nine Tier List 2023 & Coupon Codes

Including a brand name, we provide here a brand new tier list of Brave Nine. Since there will no doubt be many new players to the game, they want to know which heroes are the most dependable, and which ones to avoid. I made a great tier list that’ll tell you accurately which Heros are OP and which aren’t. Since PvE and PvP are quite different from one different in Brave Nine, we’ve built separate tier lists for them. Let’s get into it.

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Brave Nine Tier List 2023:

Brave Nine has a complex battle system that rewards skilled players. It still has so many parts, though, so make your team with the best units is also a big part of victory in the end game. With this list and a few other helpful tips that were given in this article, you can scout ahead to optimize the best roster you’d like to enjoy the rest of the game with.

Brave Nine Top-5 Mercenaries S-Tier listBrave Nine Top-5 Mercenaries A-Tier list
Brave Nine Top-5 Mercenaries B-Tier listBrave Nine Top-5 Mercenaries C-Tier list
Brave Nine Top-5 Mercenaries D-Tier list

Brave Nine Tier List 2023; 5-Star Mercenaries

5-Star Mercenaries; S-Tier

SeirDefenderDevil’s Revenge
LeviaMagicianForbidden Power
LuciusDefenderFallen Angel
VenakaSupportVigorous Dance
FoxyWarriorCombat Manual
SetoWarriorDominant Force
BeliathSupportSkeleton Contract
ValzeWarriorBlade of Betrayal
AsmodeSupportTouch of Desire
EdinWarriorUnholy Power
ChristinaWarriorTricolor Bomb
RefitheaSupportHelp, Glutti!
GranhildrDefenderGodship’s Shield

5-Star Mercenaries; A-Tier

VelfernMagicianPandora’s Box
LillianMagicianEndless Revenge
AlecWarriorUltimate Power
SiegmundWarriorPaladin’s Will
JinWarriorGale Sword
AaronDefenderLight of Reflection
NartasMagicianRelease Disaster
ArkanDefenderCelestial Blessing
DeomaronDefenderCursed Shield
AngelicaWarriorDivine Darkness
VeroniaSupportSaving Light

5-Star Mercenaries; B-Tier

AnubisMagicianForewarning of Doom
HijinMagicianSoul of Fire
HelenaSupportLet’s Sing Together!
KainaWarriorSacred Fury
ThemisSupportLight of Protection
ElijaWarriorBeast Taming
GuntherWarriorDescending Fire Dragon

5-Star Mercenaries; C-Tier

CeciliaDefenderAbyss Shield
MichaelaSupportMaddening Faith
DalviWarriorMillennial Wait
GloriaDefenderScales of Judgement
ZenithDefenderHunter Instinct
GlaciaDefenderGlacial Shield
MarySupportHero’s Song
SabrinaSupportMember Encouragement

5-Star Mercenaries; D-Tier

ClaudiaMagicianMarionette’s Rondo
EliseMagicianDeath Ending Love
VentanaWarriorDraw Sword
FloriaSupportMother Nature
BarbaraWarriorJavelin Throw
BathoryMagicianAll Mine!
KaoliDefenderChampion Shield
ValtorMagicianMother Nature’s Power
KainaWarriorSacred Fury
RafinaDefenderMechanical Dive
YmirDefenderTitan’s Sword
AstridDefenderGuardian’s Creed
GarinothMagicianSoul Collapse

Brave Nine Tier List; 4-Star Mercenaries

4-Star Mercenaries; S-Tier

HellMagicianPrayer for Destruction
CeresSupportEye of Mana
JosephDefenderPagan Declaration
LetoWarriorShadow Blade
CoretteWarriorWitness Elimination
IrisDefenderIrresistible Charm
NiyaWarriorCat Punch

4-Star Mercenaries; A-Tier

AlcheWarriorDestructive Hammer
JohnSupportLight Barrier
ViolaWarriorShadow Arrow
EunrangWarriorRear Ambush
LeahMagicianDestructive Lightning
EstherMagicianConjuration of Affliction
JacklinDefenderEscort Stance

4-Star Mercenaries; B-Tier

BrunoMagicianNeo Armstrong Jet Cannon
BrisaWarriorThree Musketeers’ Wisdom
OrienneWarriorLethal Wounds
Dr. MorganWarriorTime Bomb
MoraDefenderAnger of Tenacity

4-Star Mercenaries; C-Tier

MayaWarriorMark of Prey
ReneDefenderPurifying Spear
VarionWarriorI’ll Copy You!
CamillaWarriorThree Musketeers’ Fury
MagnusMagicianMagical Predation

Brave Nine Tier List 2023; 3-Star Mercenaries

3-Star Mercenaries; S-Tier

CordeliaWarriorRed Flame Sword
Hyeon WolSupportLight of Reinforcement
ClarisSupportPrayer of Protection
VelonaMagicianFlame Explosion
MariaMagicianDestructive Magic
BeatriceWarriorI’ll Beat You!
CarlsonDefenderFirm Will
CordeliaWarriorRed Flame Sword

3-Star Mercenaries; A-Tier

MarronWarriorPiercing Shriek
RonWarriorMocking Bash
MarleneMagicianMagic Orb
ArinesSupportBear Up!

3-Star Mercenaries; B-Tier

MercedesDefenderMirror Shield
WiggleWarriorFire in the Hole!
BranWarriorMusket Fire
JulieSupport Spiritual Recovery
KozakWarriorBone Crusher

3-Star Mercenaries; C-Tier

SloanDefenderToxic Spurt
LydiaWarriorDrilled Thrust
MelodyMagicianFlash Explosion
AseraSupportWound Explosion
RigenetteWarriorCritical Arrow

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