Bullet Echo Tier List 2023- Bullet Echo Hero Tier list

Bullet Echo Tier List || Bullet echo hero tier list. Today I spend some with you about the new best hero  tier list of Bullet Echo. So ready to know Bullet Echo Tier List’s best version. Before I say Bullet echo hero tier list full details, let me tell you something about this game. I have been playing for about a week and can’t unlock any characters. I only have ravern, bastion, firefly, and slayer.

Bullet Echo Tier List:

I dislike these heroes but can’t unlock them anymore. I even have a legendary slayer (not very draggable). I know some of you are cracked) but that should show how much time I have. Send good luck, please. When I was bored on PUBG, Call of duty, free for then I found this game accidentally and I downloaded it them I totally addicted to this game.

Bullet Echo Hero Tier list:

Bullet Echo is a tactical, slow-paced shooting game with a wide range of characters, each with its own collection of stats and abilities. The rarity of these Heroes is graded, with Common being the most common and Mythic being the most uncommon. Any beginner player can easily obtain all Common Heroes in Bullet Echo, and since all heroes can be rated up to the next rarity every 10 levels, you can easily level up any Common rarity hero simply by playing with it.

Choosing the right one for you can be difficult; to help you, we’ve thoroughly examined each of the 5 Common Heroes. Without having to physically play several matches with each Hero, you will be able to select which Hero best fits your preferred playstyle.Until the next rarity, the specified capacity will be eligible. You must play with the Hero until it reaches Level 10, at which point you can rank up the Hero and gain access to the special skill. The top-tier Bullet Echo is given below.


Bullet Echo Tier List 2021:

Bullet Echo Tier List
  • Name: Stalker
  • Power: 145
  • Health: 192
  • Damage: 52
  • Armour: 220

Stalker Overview

The most simple, all-around form of Hero is the Stalker, who is armed with a powerful rifle. He possesses respectable stats as well as a reliable arm. He has the ability to blend into the background, making him a very dangerous adversary. Stalker cannot fire or take damage when invisible, but his footsteps are clear as normal.

Stalker Gameplay Experience

Stalker’s life is fairly routine. He’s a trustworthy Hero who can fit into any play style at a decent level of difficulty. This is a dependable Hero that you can rely on if none of the other Heroes fits your needs.

Bullet Echo Tier List
  • Name: Bastion
  • Power: 145
  • Health: 288
  • Damage: 23
  • Armour: 550

Bastion Overview

Bastion has a rapid-fire shotgun as well as a dense layer of health and armour. This is a much more defensive Hero, with a strong focus on defensive stats. His attacking strength, on the other hand, is woefully inadequate, with only 23 damage. Bastion’s good health and armor make up for it. He is a formidable foe to beat because of his ability to build a personal power shield in front of him.

Bastion Gameplay Experience

Bastion is a powerful hero, and you should use him with confidence because he is a tough target to destroy. His weapon is virtually useless at the base stage, and he has a big stature and moves slowly. Bastion’s superior health and armour, on the other hand, are positives. It’s best used as a frontal shield for the other two members of a three-person team, as it absorbs a lot of incoming damage. Upgrade Bastion to get a much more powerful Hero, but note that attacking is not Bastion’s strong suit.

Bullet Echo Tier List 2023- Bullet Echo Hero Tier list
  • Name: Raven
  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 43
  • Armour: 100

Raven Overview

Raven’s long-range SMG has a high damage performance over a long range. This Raven is also small and quick, allowing him to pass through tight spaces and spot enemies from afar. He can detect any enemies within a certain distance with this ability, enabling him to sneak up on them from behind. This Hero’s key drawbacks are his defensive numbers, vulnerability, and time-to-kill.

Raven Gameplay Experience

This is likely one of the most powerful Heroes due to its powerful, rapid-fire SMG that can reach great distances. It’s also small and fast, which makes creeping up on enemies from behind a breeze when combined with the ability. If you are sneaked upon, however, you have a slim chance of surviving due to Raven’s low health and damage. Raven is the one for you if you prefer to maneuver tactically; just keep an eye on your back at all times.

Bullet Echo Tier List 2023- Bullet Echo Hero Tier list

  • Name: Firefly
  • Power: 155
  • Health: 330
  • Damage: 126
  • Armour: 60

Firefly Overview

Firefly is the kind of Hero who remains on the periphery of a gunfight, spotting enemies from afar. He has a high-precision, rapid-fire sniper rifle and grenades as a special skill.

Firefly Gameplay Experience

Firefly likes to fight from afar, keeping her distance from the battleground. Firefly thrives in a three-person unit, where he sits back and offers long-range support as the teammates charge forward. It would be easy to sneak up on Firefly because he is so lazy; however, this issue can be avoided by keeping close to the circle’s edge. The grenades are also useful against enemies in groups, making this Hero suitable for three-player teams.


  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 285
  • Armour: 200

Who is the best hero in the Bullet Echo game?

The Most Popular Heroes in Bullet Echo is Stalker. Here, we added all kinds of information about bullet echo tier list, I mean the best character of Bullet Echo select by the audience in the Reddit forum.This list will be helpful for you to find out the best of your character. 

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