Core Web Vitals issue Fixing Tips & Tricks

Core Web Vitals Issue Fixing Tips & Tricks. The last year 2019 Google update his algorithm and added some section like- 

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  2. First Input Delay (FID)
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

This three update nowadays google give most priority. If your website has a good page loading score of these three sector.

Overall Page Experience You must consider:

  1. Page loading speed
  2. Lightweight theme and plugins.
  3. Detailed Valuable content.
  4. compressed Images and other elements.
  5. Elements dimensions.
  6. Visual stability.
  7. Readable fonts.
  8. Elements proper distance.
  9. Good looking UI for better UX.

Core Web Vitals issue:

It is almost impossible to maintain all of these at the same time. Especially if AdSense is used. 

Pagespeed Score doesn’t matter. You will need to pass in core web vitals continuously to expect a better ranking.

Don’t use any kind of image at the beginning of the post. Use image after 2,3 paragraphs. and use a slightly larger font line-height. It will reduce the time of FCP, LCP, & CLS.

Google Core Web Vitals update:

User experience mostly depends on the core web vitals. In Google Page Speed Insight, when you test your site score, you will also find which are core web vitals. These are LCP, FID, and CLS. It is a very broad topic that I can cover in a Facebook comment. But, For your convenience, I can mention several things. When you visit a website, it doesn’t matter how fast it loads.

Core Web Vitals SEO:

But, If it takes a few hundred milliseconds to respond for the first time, that is a bad user experience. You should improve it. Also, Does it take long to load a webpage 100%, is the layout shaky or it seems unstable while loading?

If yes, It means your site is failing in core vitals. You must fix these issues to expect a better ranking. In the upcoming may 2021 core update, Google will mostly focus on user experience. If you fail, you will be affected after that update.

If you are doing good in these things, in Google page speed insight, you will see something like the screenshot.
Core Web Vitals issue Fixing Tips & Tricks

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