Crewmember Achievement / Trophy In Amnesia: Rebirth. How to obtain?

Crewmember Achievement / Trophy In Amnesia: Rebirth. How to obtain? In this article, I am sharing the full details of Crewmember Trophy In Amnesia. The Crewmember cards are listed recently in this game. Note This crewmember achievement or trophy card collect in one play through to unlock the achievement. 

Amnesia Rebirth Crewmember Achievement Guide:

Yasmin ChabaniIn the fort’s main building, in the hall with the cannon, go to the end and take a right, it’s on the floor in the corner.
Dr. Anton MetzierIn the fort’s main building, at the end of the room to the left of the elevator.
Malik TambouraTo the left of the cannon above the arsenal in the Legion fort.
Jonathan WebberAfter the guardhouse, but before you enter the fort, there is a dead-end path to the left. Move the crate to the right of the locked door, it’s in the crate beneath it.
Salim HannachiAfter the first baby/memory sequence, go through the caves. It will be on the left, before the first ladder leading down.
Lukas RitterOn the left dead-end before the wooden plank bridges in the caves.
Anastasie Trianon & Eva RitterIn the first base-camp cave. Tasi’s is sticking out of a suitcase in the center of the cave. Eva’s is under a pillow on the left of the cave’s exit.
Rachael HoltJust before entering the first cave, on the box to the right, under a smaller box.
Nicolas MassonIn the sand, along the left side of the plane, right in front of a marking that reads SSC-02.
Alexander Melville SterlingOnce you leave the sewers you will reach a lake/oasis, it’s under a box on the right side.
Richard FairchildAfter you leave the oasis there is a short section where you walk through the desert. Go to the right, then left up through a gap in the rocks, it’s a high-up place that overlooks the left path, and the path ahead. The card is on a small rug.
James Henry MitchellAfter the doctor goes up the elevator, continue until you enter the room with the fountain. There will be a flashback about the fountain. The card is on a ledge directly across the door you enter from.
Leon DeVriesIn the explorable area beyond the 3 spinning obelisk puzzle, take a right, then a left into the room full of rubble. From the doorway, it’s on the left side of the room, pinched under the lid of a stone box.

Amnesia Rebirth Crewmember Achievement:

All this Amnesia Rebirth Crewmember Achievement system. If you don’t understand this guide please read again. Hope you will realize all those things and you will get Crewmember Achievement successfully.

Download this game From Amnesia Rebirth on Steam.

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