Best 1 VS 1 CS Custom Tips And Tricks Free Fire

Best 1 VS 1 CS Custom Tips and Tricks Free Fire! In this post, I share the best 20 Custom Tips And Tricks Free Fire Custom Room 1VS1 in CS mode.

If you follow my command and use them properly, then you will win every CS 1VS1 Custom match. First of all, You need a good device. If you have a bad mobile that creates lag and network issues you can not play well anymore.

Free Fire Best 1 VS 1 Custom Tips And Tricks:

Enemy Strategy Analysis: If the enemy has a shotgun, you need to stay far from the enemy. If he has AWM/ desert eagle gun, then don’t go out from cover. Do not give him your visibility.

Enemy Movement Pattern Analysis: Every enemy has their own movement stylish gameplay. If you know his movement timing and pattern, then you can easily beat him. So, play with his some match and see his gameplay properly.

Movement & Reflexes: If you are a high movement player then it was your best plus point. For this movement skill, you can easily hit the gloo wall. and take cover and rush. You need a huge practice.

Fast Weapon switch: It is also a good skill for a pro player. In-game, there has an option is a quick weapon. It means you can change your holding gun with just one click. When you have M1887, your 2 shot hit the enemy and he has a little XP, then you need to switch your weapon and firing 2/3 SMG gun Or need one shotgun shot.

Keep track of Enemy: For this situation, Everyone says, use moco character in your custom room. For this character, you can easily know the opponent’s position and where he goes.

Best 1 VS 1 CS Custom Tips And Tricks:

Favorite weapon: Everyone has their own favorite gun. Most of the free-fire player-favorite custom room gun is MP40(SMG) and M1887(shotgun). So many people also use M1014. If you use another gun to feel comfortable and you can beat the enemy then used it. No problem brother and sisters.

Drag Headshot:  You need to learn drag headshot. in this free fire community, every YouTuber and the pro player knows, how to make a drag shot on the enemy. So when you learn this skill you will be a pro player.

Keep gun reloaded: Gun reloaded when you cover. don’t do this open field. when your ammo was ended reload this quickly.

Confidence: You must have confidence. If you get scared first, you can’t do better. So take confidence like you can beat your enemy.

Pack with Gloo wall: When you lose a huge HP, you need to pack with your gloo wall and healing yourself. you can also use a repair kit for your vest and helmet recovery.

All these Custom Tips And Tricks Are collected by so many analyses in the Free Fire game. So If you will advantage tell us. Otherwise, if you do not know any good information from this article you also tell us.

Custom Room 1VS1 Tips And Tricks Free Fire:

  1. 1st round buys Desert Eagle, 1 Gloo wall, level 2 vest.
  2. Don’t rush instantly. take time.
  3. Confuse the enemy.
  4. All times take cover.
  5. Gun combination.
  6. Hold gameplay.
  7. character combination.
  8. Pet combination: Robo or Poring
  9. Practice so much with a good player.
  10. Gain So much movement.

All those Custom Tips And Tricks if you use, then you will win Every 1vs1 CS Custom. For more information about How To Win Every 1vs1 CS Custom room and Custom Tips And Tricks Free Fire; comment below, I will give you more information about this.

My secret Custom gameplay rules:

  • Use of Wukong/ Skyler
  • Costume Confusion
  • Fake Wall
  • Movement Speed

If you want more details about my custom secret gameplay rules, then comment below. I will update it here.

If you want to play this game then download From Google: Free Fire. 

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