Days of the Week in German 2020

Do you know the days of the week in German 2020? In this article, you can get all information about German days’ names. For now, you can easily answer if anyone asked this question. This question answers available in this article. So let’s talk about it. German is one of the biggest countries. There are some types of German week days name. Some are old, some are newly added. For this reason, we uploaded all types of days’ names in German.

The German Words for the Days of the Week 2020

  • (Monday) Montag
  • (Tuesday) Dienstag 
  • (Wednesday) Mittwoch
  • (Thursday) Donnerstag
  • (Friday) Freitag
  • (Saturday) Samstag
  • (Sunday) Sonntag

For example, imagine you are in a viva exam. Your interviewer asked this question. But you Don’t know this. Then what types feel you gain? Very bad. Another example, you are in a job. Your boss asked you this question. But you Don’t answer this question. Thought about this moment. German days German weeks German months are not used anymore but this knowledge is more valuable.

Days of the Week in German 2020


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Days of the Week in German

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