Roblox Dragon Ball Rage Codes

In this article, you will get the latest Roblox Dragon Ball Rage Codes. Here I give all the information about the Roblox Dragon Ball Rage Promo Codes.

Roblox Dragon Ball Rage Codes:

You can get all those codes that are completely free with active and valid codes. I also give expired codes. Cause of these expired codes you can understand that our active codes are valid. So, the Roblox Dragon Ball Rage Codes list below.

Dragon Ball Rage Active and Valid Codes.

You can use this code only one time. When you get this code to reword your character looks good and unique. So, redeem codes quickly in the game.

  • idraciusB34c1. (NEW)
  • Ralex4ev3r – 2x XP for 1 hour (NEW)
  • SUB2DANIELGT: Zenkai boost
  • D1SC_B00ST3R: x5 XP
  • D3V_4U: zenkai as reward.
  • Sub2Metalizer: 1 million stats.

Dragon Ball Rage Expired Codes.

  • S0rryGuys: Reword- Permanent zenkai.
  • Sa1y4nB1zmo34: Reword- 2 hours of double stats.

How to Redeem Dragon Ball Rage Codes:

  1. Press the Menu button (left side of the screen)
  2. In the opened-up window click on the Codes icon. 
  3. Type your code to the opened up tab 
  4. Push the Redeem button. 
  5. Check your free reward.

If you don’t get this point clearly then watch this video.

How to Play Dragon Ball Rage Roblox Game

Dragon Ball Rage game rules are so easy and simple. You need to fight enemies. teammates and opponents in Dragonball: Fury! Open epic skills. Can you become the most powerful?


  • [B]: Long Transform
  • [N]: Short Transform
  • [V]: Aura Toggle
  • [Q]: Ki Blast (train ki)
  • [R]: Ki Self (train defense)
  • [E]: Combat (train attack and agility)
  • [SPACE]: Double-tap space to fly
  • [SHIFT]: Hold Shift to run/speed fly
  • [L]: Hover your mouse over someone and press L to lock-on

Dragon Ball Rage social media channels:

Follow all the Dragon Ball Rage social Account if you want to be notified about new updates of Dragon Ball Rage.

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