Evertale Tier List 2023– Pick The Best Characters

Evertale Tier List 2023– Pick The Best Characters. Evertale is an RPG for mobile that has taken the world by storm. It’s a fast-paced action game that requires quick reflexes and sharp thinking. If you’re looking for a challenging game that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end, then you need to check out Evertale. It has a deep story and an engaging combat system. The game features stunning graphics and intense fighting action, and it’s available on iOS and Android devices.

Evertale tier list to help you pick the best characters

Evertale has more than 180 monsters out there and you have to battle against them. But you can capture some monsters and add them to your team. You can make a team of up to eight characters. After capturing the monsters you have to train them in order to fight the enemies. This would be a turn-based battle in which you will be given equal time and opportunity to take down the enemy.

With so many characters to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best for your party. That’s why In this post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get started, including a guide to the game’s controls & Evertale tier list.

Evertale Tier List– Pick The Best Characters

Use the best units in Evertale in order to make the game more enjoyable for you. Here is the best Evertale tier list showcasing the best units and elements.

Tier S

Endless RizetteDarkS

Tier A


Tier B

Le FayDarkB

Tier C


Tier D


Evertale Tier List – Tier S Characters

Currently, these are some of the best characters in the game. We can divide them into S+ and S, but we think that considering the price of the gacha, it’s better to enjoy S-rank characters like SS-rank characters.

  • Shuten-Douji – Degenerate Oni Queen
  • Mysha – Fox-Eared Idol
  • Anya – The Lost Von Draclow
  • Alira – Silk-Veiled Siren
  • Alira – Sweet Beach Temptation
  • Aria – Petite Primordial
  • Ossia – Bewitching Devil
  • Astrid – Hero of the West
  • Clarice – Venomous Rose
  • Freya – The Goddess of Love and War
  • Dark Callen – Dark Guardian Dragon
  • Callen – Dragon Bride
  • Callen – Daughter of the Dragon
  • Clarice – Black Summer Rose
  • Endless Rizette – Angel of Ruin
  • Fornaxos – Flame Incarnate
  • Merlin – Sorceress of Prophecy
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Maiden of Radiance
  • Bahamut – Doomsday Dragon God
  • Reina – Crimson-Eyed Vampire
  • Ludmilla – Crimson Valkyrie
  • Rin – Canine Blademaster
  • Haku – Sacred Deer Onmyoji
  • Rolotia – Sorceress of Dawn
  • Shanna – Red Riding Hood, Dragon Slayer
  • Elmina – Sunkissed Mirage
  • Endless Astrid – Voice of Defiance
  • Norza – Blade of the Aeons
  • Ossia – The Hollow Heart
  • Saya – Solitary Star
  • Snow White – Queen of Dreams
  • Young Rizette – Pure Blue

Evertale Tier List – Tier A Characters

The second best A-level character in Evertale isn’t super good, but it’s not bad either.

  • Callen – Seaside Scholar
  • Callen – Magical Dragon Girl
  • Altaieron – Soul of the Storm
  • Infernal Mysha – Nine-Tailed Calamity
  • Antares – Thunderhearted Heroine
  • Artimeia – Lady of the White Moon
  • Astrid – Hero of Rigland (On Break)
  • Gaia – The Goddess of the Earth
  • Bahamut – Terror of the Gods
  • Bahamut – Terror of the Gods
  • Clarice – The Black Rose
  • Cyrus – Mercurial Mastermind
  • Endless Ludmilla – Savior of the Living City
  • Endless Rizette – Maid of Midwinter
  • Hibiki – Demon of Class 2-B
  • Kisara – Blade of the Summer Sun
  • Maxima – Fiery Princess
  • Mirai – Sparkling Idol
  • Theo – Cerulean Sorcerer
  • Rei – Goddess of Bounty
  • Rei – Sakura Onmyoji
  • Rizette – Lightbearing Leader
  • Rizette – Spring’s First Blossom
  • Rolotia – Lady of Eternal Summer
  • Shiori – Steed-Edged Sakura
  • Yuki – Born of Winter
  • Snow White – A Midsummer Snow’s Dream
  • Antares – Knight of the Sacred Fire
  • Reina – Deadly Nurse
  • Elmina – Violet-Eyed Assassin

Evertale Tier List – Tier B Characters

B-level characters are more situational; sometimes they may have good, useful abilities, but most of the time they are not.

  • Ludmilla – Knight Of The Holy Eve
  • Dark Jeanne – Maiden of Darkness
  • Ludmilla – The Paladin Bride
  • Akatsuki – Elven Swordmaster Supreme
  • Shiori – Steel-Edged Sakura⠀
  • Alice – The Eternal Dream
  • Rizette – Bashful Bunnygirl
  • Anya – Annihilation Girl
  • Diabolos – Dragon Lord of Shadow
  • Endless Astrid – Twilight Bride
  • Finn – The Crimson Crestbearer
  • Kaidaros – Riptide Guardian
  • Kirin – Mythweaver
  • Lucius – Fighter Against Fate
  • Merdain – Knight of Vengeance
  • Rizette – The Cerulean Crestbearer
  • Ryouma – Warrior of the Nameless Beast
  • Shirra – Mistress of the Butterflies
  • Vesh – Will of the Soil
  • Voraxion – Adamantine Maw

Evertale Tier List – Tier C Characters

The bottom of the Evertale ladder contains the trashiest characters in the game.

  • Hibiki – Scarlet Oni Samurai
  • Druke – Apex Blademaster
  • Elmina – Yuletide Rogue
  • Le Fay – The Witch of Avalon
  • Ludmilla – Summertime Valkyrie
  • Sakura – Thoroughbred Idol
  • Nagi – The Ladies’ Knight
  • Mirai – Halloween Idol
  • Orzachron – Organica War Machine MK
  • Rashanar – The Burning Hunger
  • Rolotia – Timeless Beauty
  • Elmina – Void Renegade
  • Grenzor – Scourge of the Hinterlands
  • Oumei – Spirit of Spring
  • Vonn – Bearer of the Demon Maul
  • Imran – The Walking Storm

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