Free Fire All Emotes Name & Eqipe

Today I provide here Free Fire All Emotes Name and how to Equip in your account. Free Fire has a lot of beautiful views that emote like a real-life character. You know nowadays Free Fire is one of the best battle royal mobile game. You can play also this game on pc. If You are a pc player you cant join any tournament of Free Fire. So you need to play on mobile and grow your skill unlimited.

Free Fire All Emotes Name

My most favorite free Fire emote is Thorne. You can see this throne emote on this article feature image. Now check the name of Free Fire emotes. There are a total of Fifty-eight (58) emotes that players can acquire in Free Fire. So many new players do not know Free Fire All Emotes Name and how to equip emote. That why I provide this article.

Free Fire All Emotes Name List:

  1. Hello!
  2. Bring It On!
  3. Why? Oh Why?
  4. Fancy Hands
  5. Shimmy
  6. Doggie
  7. Challenge On!
  8. Chicken
  9. Arm wave
  10. Shoot dance
  11. LOL
  12. Provoke
  13. Applause
  14. Dab
  15. Baby shark
  16. Shake With Me
  17. Glorious Spin
  18. Crane Kick
  19. Mummy Dance
  20. Push-up
  21. Shuffling
  22. FFWC Throne
  23. Dragon Fist
  24. Dangerous Game
  25. Jaguar Dance
  26. Party Dance
  27. Jig Dance
  28. Selfie
  29. Flower of Love
  30. Threaten
  31. Soul Shaking
  32. Pirate’s Flag
  33. Top DJ
  34. Battle Dance
  35. High Five
  36. Shake It Up
  37. Power of money
  38. Eat my dust
  39. Lasso
  40. I’m Rich
  41. Death glare
  42. Devil’s Move
  43. Furious Slam
  44. Moon Flip
  45. Wiggle walk
  46. Make It Rain
  47. Dust Off
  48. Captain Booyah
  49. Let it Go
  50. Booyah!
  51. Piece of Cake
  52. Break Dance
  53. Kungfu
  54. Bon Appetit
  55. Aim, fire!
  56. The Swan
  57. I heat you
  58. Tea Time

How to Equip Free Fire Emotes:

To Equip Free Fire Emotes, Open Free Fire Game and click on the Collection tab present on the left side of the main menu. Open the Emote section and Select emote and click the equip button. In the latest update, you can select a emote and drag and place which number emote you like most.

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