Free Fire Max OB38 Update APK Download link (Android & iOS)

Free Fire Max OB38 update APK link, download size, and New Character

Garena Free Fire OB38 update is currently being rolled out and interested players can head to their device’s application store to install the same. Like previous iterations, the latest version is downloadable, but cannot be accessed until the end of the maintenance break. Therefore, fans must be aware of the maintenance schedule before installing the update.

The OB38 version is expected to introduce a lesser amount of content than the previous 5th Anniversary update (OB35). Nevertheless, fans can still find some exciting additions or optimizations in the game, including the Social Island, Gloo Melter Grenade, a brand new character called Tatsuya, the NeXTerra map in Clash Squad mode, weapon balance changes, and more.

Readers can find the APK download link for the OB38 patch of Free Fire and its MAX version here:

How to download Free Fire OB38 update on Android and iOS devices:

Most Android devices have already received the Free Fire OB38 update. They may directly download/update the game through the Google Play Store.

Some users, on the other hand, prefer to employ the APK to get the most recent version and are seeking the same. However, they are advised against using third-party files and recommend installing the game through the official store. They may follow the steps outlined below:

A detailed step-by-step guide on downloading the Free Fire OB38 update on Android and iOS devices is offered below:


Google Play Store can be employed by Android users (Image via Google Play Store)


iOS users can utilize Apple App Store to get the OB38 update (Image via Apple App Store
  • Step 1: To begin the process, boot up the Apple App Store on your iOS device.
  • Step 2: As a next step, you may search for the game through the search option.
    Apple App Store link:

  • Step 3: Finally, click on the ‘Update’ button to get the latest OB38 update of Garena’s flagship title.

Readers can find a step-by-step guide to downloading Free Fire’s latest version here:

Step 1: You must use a link from the options given above. (Indian users must choose Free Fire MAX’s link.)

You can also manually open your device’s Play Store or any brand-specific virtual application store.

Step 2: On the app’s download page in the Play Store, ensure to press the update or install button to initiate the download. An automatic installation will follow the download of the update.

The download can take a few minutes to conclude. Thus, one can use a WiFi connection for stable and swift internet.

Step 3: After the download completes, open the game from the application page of the Play Store.

Step 4: Download the additional update files in the game and restart it.

Step 5: Open the game again and use your preferred method to log in.

Features of Free Fire OB38 update

These are a few of the main features of the update:

1) Character Buffs

  • Dimitri: Users can recover 5 HP per second in the ability instead of 3 HP.
  • D-bee: Increased movement speed and accuracy, making the character more potent.
  • Nairi: The durability of Gloo Walls is now recovered by a higher margin.
  • Miguel: Big buff to the ability, and players will gain 100/120/140/160/180/200 EP at different levels after knocking down enemies.
  • Shirou: Marking range has been increased to 100 meters.
  • Laura: Accuracy, while individuals are scoped in, is raised, helping gamers become more accurate.

2) Weapon Skins Lifetime Progress

  • This is one of the main changes introduced with the OB38 update of Free Fire. With its arrival, individuals can get permanent gun skins for free inside the battle royale title. They will have to reach 100% progress to own the skin permanently.

3) New Treatment Laser Gun

  • Gamers can heal with the new treatment gun, and it will be quite helpful in terms of survival on the battlefield.
  • Heal amount per firing: 10
  • Rate of fire: 0.12
  • Range: 20m

Check out other features of the OB38 update in the detailed patch notes. Fans can read the same by visiting this link!

Android users can find the APK download link as well as the installation procedure for the latest Free Fire/FF MAX update in the following section.

Free Fire OB38 update: APK download link for Android and installation procedure (September 2022)

FF MAX OB38 version has a size of 532 MB, while the update is 309 MB large (Image via Garena)

Android players can install the game’s latest update from the Google Play Store or any other Android brand-specific application store like Huawei AppGallery, Xiaomi App Store, OPPO App Market, V-Appstore, etc. Besides the above mentioned virtual stores, there are many unofficial sources, which one should avoid as they may not be the best option with Garena’s Anti-Hack policy.

Here are the official APK links for Android devices for both Free Fire and its MAX version:

  • FF:
  • FF MAX:

Users can copy and paste the given links into their web browsers to head directly to the application’s Google Play Store page. For better clarity, readers must follow the guide given below:

How can the OB38 update for Free Fire or its MAX variant be installed on Android smartphones or tablets

Indian users can install the MAX variant instead of the original game from the Play Store (Image via Google)

Here’s a step-by-step guide that you must follow to download the latest update (version 2.93.1) on your Android devices:

  • Use the links above to redirect to the game’s download page in the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can open the Google Play Store or any brand-specific virtual store on your smartphone or tablet to browse the game’s official page.
  • After opening the download page, tap on the update/install button, depending upon whether you already have the game on your device or not.
  • The download will take a few minutes, so you are advised to use a stable internet connection (preferably a private Wi-Fi).
  • Once downloaded, the Google Play Store will automatically install the game on your device. Launch the app after the installation is complete.
  • Download additional update files and log in using any preferred social media platform.

A guest login is also an available option for the users, but it doesn’t provide the luxury of synchronization. Furthermore, you can lose your in-game progress upon uninstallation with a guest account.

Thus, it is advised to use a social media platform for login. If you already have a guest login account, you can attach the same with Gmail, Facebook, VK, et cetera, in the system settings.

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