Free Fire OB36 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, & release date

After the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server’s release, the countdown to the upcoming patch is now underway. The developers generally release this special client a few weeks before the actual update to allow gamers to experience the new unreleased content.

The APK is now available, and gamers can download it through the official Advance Server website. However, access to the server will be limited to users who have previously received the Activation Code upon successful registration.

Free Fire OB36 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, & release date


Read through the following section for a comprehensive guide to obtain the Activation Code and even download the OB36 Advance Server.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers in the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. Instead, they can play its MAX variant, which is still available.

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Free Fire OB36 Advance Server is now available

Free Fire OB36 Advance Server: APK download

The Free Fire OB36 Advance Server is starting today, i.e., 7 september 2022. Lucky users will get to check out the upcoming features of the next update for a week until 14 September 2022. Moreover, individuals can earn diamonds by reporting bugs and glitches. Once this period concludes, all their data and progress will be erased, and gamers can no longer access it again.

Activation Code and the procedure to obtain it

The Activation Code is required to gain access to the Advance Server. Players must input this one-time code to access the game after its installation. Without this code, gamers will not be able to experience the newest features available on the Advance Server.

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Essentially, developers only provide this code to a certain number of individuals after the registration. The procedures for registering are as follows:

Free Fire OB36 Advance Server: Activation Code

Step 1: After visiting the Advance Server website, players can use either their Google or Facebook accounts to sign in.

However, they must have a Free Fire account with that account, and it is not possible to register otherwise.

Free Fire OB36 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, & release date

Step 2: They will then be redirected to a form where they must enter their active email ID.

Step 3: Gamers can click the Join Now button to complete the registration.

Users are not guaranteed to receive the Activation Code after registration and will have to wait for a positive response from the developers.

Steps to download and install Free Fire OB36 Advance Server APK

The Free Fire OB36 Advance Server APK is accessible on the official website. Here are the steps that gamers should follow to download and install it on their Android device:

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Step 1: Individuals will first need to head over to the official Advance Server website of the game.

Step 2: On the website, they can subsequently sign in through the account they selected while registering.

Free Fire OB36 Advance Server APK download link

Step 3: Individuals must then hit the ‘Download APK’ button to start the download process.

The file size is around 797 MB, which is why gamers have to ensure they have sufficient storage on their mobile phones before proceeding with the download.

Step 4: They can finally install the file and log in as a guest. Later, they must enter the Activation Code to gain access to the Advance Server.

Garena Free Fire OB36 Advance Server Activation Code

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