Google Core Update Positive+ Negative Impact

Google Core Update Positive+ Negative Impact. After the last Google core update in December 2020, I create a study about this update. In this post, I provide here so many positive/ Negative vibes about websites. One thing noted, Google still loves info better than money. Cause google always provides the best search result for a user.

Google Core Update Positive+ Negative Impact:

Positive impact for these sites:
1. Less profile backlink.
2. Good amount of info content.
3. Good amount of relevant editorial links.

Sites got negative impact which has:
1. High amount of profile backlinks.
2. High amount of money content.
3. No or very few relevant editorial links.
4. E-commerce keywords target.
5. Aggressive buying mode titles.

Aggressive buying mode titles example – Top Rated Best tennis shoes 2020. Top Rated Best tennis shoes 2020. The first page is filled with this type of title. Even one of my pages has the title with “Dec 2020” and got promoted in the first place after the Dec Google Update from 5th Position.

Google Core Update FAQ

Another question is, what is an editorial backlink?- This question answer is- Guest post.
Most of the time I disagree with the High amount of money content. Now the question is How I structure the money content?
I have 95% of the money content but not change any traffic. I think unnecessary backlink is the main reason.

Best Tips: I want to know some metrics, if you have time, please give me some insights. “How many outbound links, you give per 1000 words?” Including Amazon’s no-follow links.

No post one outbound link to wiki sites or Youtube. and generally put amazon links by API plugin.

More Article about Blogging:

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