How To Fish & Get Fishing Rod: Project Slayers

I am so happy to share with you, I have found the quickest & easy way to catch fish & Get Fishing Rod in Project Slayers Game. Just stay with me and follow my instruction. After that, you can also get a fishing rod & Catch so many fish.

How to Get a Fishing Rod in Project Slayers

  1. Open the game and click on the map.
  2. Select the Ushumaru Village on the map.
  3. Find the horse guy and travel to Ushumaru Village quickly.
  4. Find Mark and purchase the Fishing Rod from him.
  5. The fishing rod costs 2500 Wen.

How to Catch Fish in project Slayers:

  1. Equip a fishing rod from the inventory.
  2. Head towards a lake with the Fishing Rod and stand near it.
  3. The character will begin to start fishing.
  4. A mini-game will begin.
  5. Click on the blue circle when the yellow indicator coincides the blue patch in the gray bar.
  6. Keep doing it till the black pointer touches the green end in the bar above it.
  7. You can sell the fish to Mark.
  8. There are three categories of fish.
  9. Catching and selling them will give you 90, 180, or 300 Wens for each fish depending upon their rarity.

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