How to Improve Core Web Vitals!

How to Improve Core Web Vitals? the Future of core web vitals, I have tried to figure out some insights related to the Core Web Vital.

How to Improve Core Web Vitals!

1. LCP: Largest Contentful Paint

  • What causes poor LCP?
  • Slow Server Response Time
  • Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Slow Resource Load Times
  • Client-side Rendering

To improve LCP 

  • Eliminate Large Elements
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Use Lazy Loading
  • Use a CDN

Note: In the WordPress platform, you can fix those issues with the WP Rocket premium plugin.

2. FID: First Input Delay

To improve FID

  • Remove unnecessary JavaScript (3rd party script)
  • Optimize, Minimize, or Defer JavaScript
  • Use a browser cache

Note: Allow visitors to interact in a website while JavaScript still loading in the browser.

3. CLS: Cumulative Layout Shift

To improve CLS 

  • Specify Image Dimensions

Note: If don’t have set attributes for the length and width of images, this can cause the CLS score to increase. The same is true for any media like YouTube Videos, Infographics.

Website Ad placement:

Note: Another important consideration is dynamic ads. Any ads including on your website should have their own reserved space that isn’t overly intrusive to the user’s viewing experience. For example, placing large ads at the top of the page can make reading the content more difficult.

Define embeds and iframes:

Note: Reserve a spot for embeds and iframes on pages. If these elements don’t have defined dimensions, they can move around and affect the layout of the page unexpectedly when they load, ultimately affecting the UX.

Google wants so fast site loading speed:

Google wants a fast site – speedy loading. So, spicing up with CSS+JS usage is huge limited yet. But without proper spice-up or makeup for users how conversion can be attracted? This sort of dilemma might discourage the usage of Google AMP until it gets enough friendly with the optimal (at least) JS & CSS.

We should focus on JS rather than CSS. One of the most effective ways I’ve noticed on “FID”. Allow visitors to interact in a website while JavaScript still loading in the browser. Minifying JS and CSS must!

Yes, and it’s possible by you, as you’re a developer. Not either comfortable by a simple user like me.

Google AMP is a ranking factor?

Google AMP is not yet a ranking factor. So, I’ll try when it becomes mandatory. As per your on-going usage, you might share your experience here. Here’s a recent Kinsta resource post to learn the pros & cons of Google AMP setup with validating process:

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