How To Send Money From Bangladesh To Pakistan?

How to send money from Bangladesh to Pakistan? How to send money from any bank? There is no legal way to send money out of the country, if you buy any product then T / T payments can be made from the bank, even if there is Pakistani Habib Bank, they will not be able to send your money out of the country, only money will come from outside in our country. The other way it is sent is illegal.

How To Send Money From Bangladesh To Pakistan?

But if there is someone outside the country, send it through him, for example, if you have someone you know in the Middle East, give him the money and Pakistan will send him from those Middle East countries.

There is no legal way, but if you have a dual currency debit or credit card, you can send it remittance, transfer, or pioneer. A big problem here is that the banks in our country have stopped providing their cards to all these companies.

It is best to contact a freelancer you know. Because they often have foreign currency, which they can send to someone else for you if they want. Although it is legal if you do any transaction with it through money then it falls into an illegal level again. In this case, do the transaction at your own risk.

How To Send Money From Bangladesh To Pakistan From Any Bank?

Habib Bank Contact Information:

  • Bank Of Pakistan Gulshan-1
  • Habib Bank Gulshsn -1
  • Official website:
  • National bank of Pakistan:

Related- Some Funny Story:

Some people will come and say, they have not tortured us and you will send money to their country !! You are a traitor Mia. I was once telling a friend about the Pakistan tour, he gave the logic that if he gives a tour to Pakistan, Pakistanis will get money, the government of Pakistan will get revenue so he will not go.

Strong Advice:

After coming to Pakistan with a tour, it is unimaginable how much Hazel will have to go through for 6-7 months. For at least the next 6 months, you may be under surveillance by various intelligence agencies. And once there is a Pakistani visa in the passport, the hope of getting an Indian visa has to be given up till the validity of that passport. Many other countries will also delay issuing visas. Embassies of many western countries can directly reject passports.

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