Inside the Backrooms Code- Solve the Elevator Code

Inside the Backrooms Code – Elevator, Safe Box in the Office Room, and other codes and puzzle solutions you will need. The code is random, but the way to get it is always the same:

In order to operate the elevator, you’ll need to input the correct code into the keypad. Don’t think you can just look up the code, as it is randomly generated in every game. Your elevator code will be different from ours.

Inside the Backrooms Code- Solve the Elevator Code

Inside the Backrooms Code – Elevator Solution

You will see that there is a corridor with numbers on the columns on both sides. Those on one side are the code numbers and those on the other are the order.

The columns that have a hashtag in the back indicate the order, also the columns on that side will only have numbers from 1 to 4.

So locate the column that has a “1” and a hashtag (#) after it, well, the number of the column in front of it is the first number in the code. The second number of the code is the number that is in front of the column which has the number “2” and a hashtag (#) after it. And so on

Inside the Backrooms Code – Other Codes

We leave you here quick guides and solutions to other game codes

  • Safe Box in the Office Room: the bodies on the floor, they’re a keypad, and the ones with blood are the keys you need before unlocking

Inside the Backrooms Code- Solve the Elevator Code

Video Guide

In case you don’t know how to get to the columns with numbers or if you have any other questions, we leave you this video by zSqmmy, in which you will see that the elevator puzzle is much easier than it seems.

How to get past the first elevator code
I see a lot of people saying the elevator is broken, or that they can’t find the code. It is very simple. One set of pillars will always be labeled 1-4. That side is the corresponding order of numbers for the opposite side of pillars. Good, now you can go die at the next level.

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