lightning staff codes: Upgrade the Staff of Lightning in Origins (“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies”)

Today we are talking about lightning staff codes: Upgrade the Staff of Lightning in Origins (“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies”)
The spirits of the ancients flow through this staff. The energy will destroy you!
— Takeo while killing zombies with the upgraded lightning staff.

The Staff of Lightning is one of four buildable elemental staffs in the map Origins.

The Staff of Lightning shoots bolts of lightning when fired, and similarly to the Wunderwaffe DG-2, will chain and kill multiple zombies, although it is limited in the fact that the lightning will chain up to two or three zombies per bolt. If shot at the feet of zombies, it is possible to kill more than two-three zombies.

lightning staff codes: Upgrade the Staff of Lightning in Origins (“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies”)

How to Get The Lightning Staff

The Lightning Staff requires 3 PURPLE parts, 1 PURPLE coloured disc, 1 black disc and the gramophone. You must have all of these before you can build the base version of the staff.

Purple Part Locations

The Purple parts are well hidden in the Origins map and are ONLY accessible by riding the tank (from the church) and jumping off onto secret platforms. This will cost you a few points and a fair amount of waiting as the tank recharges to complete a full lap.

Whilst riding the tank the exact three locations are:

Part 1 – after riding past Generator4 (Jug), wait until halfway along the muddy path then jump to the RIGHT side, onto the wooden platform.

Part 2 – ride the tank from Generator 2 (Tank Station), as you approach the excavation site look for the wooden platform on your LEFT. Jump across and walk above the excavation site to claim the part.

Part 3 – after part 2 location above, as you approach the church, jump to the RIGHT side of the tank onto the snowy walkway with the broken fence. Work your way around the back of the church and claim the part.

Purple Disc Locations

The purple disc is always in one of three locations near to Generator 4 (Jug).

  1. On the wagon, near the entrance of Generator 4
  2. On a table near Wunderfizz machine
  3. Very bottom of the Wind tunnel

Black Disc

The Black Disc is used in combination with the Gramophone to open the lower level of the excavation site. It’s always found in one of three locations:

  1. On a box, bottom of the walkway leading up the excavation site (Generator 2 side)
  2. On a box, opposite side of excavation site, near the entrance leading to church
  3. Top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow beside PaP


The Gramophone is always inside the central excavation site (dig site), one level downstairs on the floor.

Final step

Head to the tunnel by Generator 5 (Stamin-Up) and go underground to the very end of the tunnel. Place the gramophone down on the table to build the purple portal that’ll take you to the Crazy Place.

Venture through the portal to the Crazy Place and pick up the crystal from the purple pedestal. Then leave the crazy place by rebuilding the purple portal again.

Finally, go to the lower level of the excavation site to build the Lightning Staff in front of the statues.

Upgrade Steps

The upgrade steps for the Lightning Staff were originally highly annoying but have since become a little easier. Follow the exact steps below and pay attention to the puzzle solutions to save some time.

1. Solve the Puzzle – Shoot the Purple Triangles

Go to the Crazy Place and take note of the sequence of purple triangles by the purple portal area (shown in the image above). These “notes” form the first upgrade puzzle which thankfully is always the same every game.

To solve this puzzle, ignore the top row of notes and number the bottom row from 1 – 7.

Now use the Lightning Staff to shoot the notes in the exact order shown below: (ignoring the top row entirely).

1, 3, 6
3, 5, 7
2, 4, 6

If done correctly you’ll receive an audio quote from Samantha and the ground will shake.

2. Turn the Electric Panel Dials

Before Treyarch patched this step, players had to repeatedly find and check 8 different panels looking for the next sparking dial. In SOLO this was an unbelievable pain and ending up being the main cause for the unloved Lightning Staff.

Thankfully this step has been changed. Follow the exact locations below, going from panel to panel, turning the dial to the exact position mentioned. You can also turn the dials whenever you want in the game, saving time before you get to this step.

Cheat Sheet

LocationDial Position
Generator 5 opposite Stamin-Up machineDail pointing Down
Church behind tankDail pointing right
Church upstairs by windowDail pointing up
Generator 4 (Jug) right hand side of wind tunnel entranceDail pointing up
Spawn room near stairsDail pointing left
Generator 2 (Tank Station building) at the back doorDail pointing Down
Behind excavation site near pathway to churchDail pointing up

Notice how there are only 7 mentioned above, this is because the 8th panel never sparks so I have ignored it.

If done correctly there will an audio quote from Samantha and a beam of light will shine up from the excavation site and into the sky.

3. Line Up the Rings
At the bottom of the excavation site there are four large rings with coloured gems on the side. Use the switches in this area to turn each of the dials until they are all purple. When ready, shoot the purple orb underneath the rings (using the Lightning Staff) to shoot it upwards.

4. Charge the Staff (Collect the Souls)

The final upgrade step requires you to go back to the Crazy Place for one last challenge. Place the Lightning Staff in the purple pedestal and kill 20-30 zombies in the Crazy Place (anywhere you like). I strongly suggest having an upgraded weapon for this and preferably some kind of protection such as Jug, the shield or a reliable teammate.

Once complete, pick up the staff from the pedestal and the Ultimate Lightning Staff Is your to enjoy! Well done, your hard work has been worth the effort!

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