Mid-Autumn Festival Food List— Top Collection 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival Food List— Top Collection 2021. Mid-Autumn Festival is the biggest festival in China. This festival is the biggest in China. Here you will get the Chinese moon festival food list, Mid-autumn festival traditional food list, Mid-autumn festival dishes, Mid-autumn festival fruit, 2021 mooncake festival, Mid-autumn festival mooncakes. All kinds of Mid-Autumn Festival Food List and recipe provide here.

Below I giving all kinds of Food lists. Check it.

Mid-Autumn Festival Food List

Chinese moon festival food:

  1. Hairy Crab.
  2. Duck.
  3. Pumpkin.
  4. Taro.
  5. River Snail.
  6. Lotus Roots.
  7. Osmanthus-flavored cake and wine.

Mid-autumn festival traditional food:

  2. DUCK (鸭子, YĀZI).
  3. POMELO (柚子, YÒUZI).
  5. WALNUTS (核桃, HÉTÁO).
  7. CRAB (螃蟹, PÁNGXIÈ).
  8. LOTUS ROOT (莲藕, LIÁN’ǑU).
  9. PEAR (梨, LÍ) .
  10. LIQUOR (美酒, MĚIJIǓ).
  12. SMALL TARO (芋艿, YÙNǍI).

Mid-autumn festival dishes:

  1. Mooncake – Must-Eat Food.
  2. Pumpkin — to Bring Good Health.
  3. River Snails — Brighten Your Eyes.
  4. Taro — Bring Good Luck.
  5. Wine Fermented with Osmanthus Flowers — Happy Life.
  6. Duck — Different Cooking Methods.
  7. Hairy Crab — a Seasonal Festival Delicacy.

Mid-autumn festival fruit:

  1. Mooncakes 月饼.
  2. Hairy Crab 大闸蟹.
  3. Taro 芋头.
  4. River Snails 螺蛳.
  5. Pumpkin 南瓜.
  6. Duck 鸭.
  7. Watermelon 西瓜.
  8. Lotus Roots 莲藕.
  9. Pears 梨.
  10. Osmanthus Wine 桂花酒.

2021 mooncake festival:

  1. Mooncake – the Most Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Food.
  2. Osmanthus Cake – Delicacy Made from Seasonal Flowers.
  3. Osmanthus Wine – Sweet and Happy Life.
  4. Hairy Crab – Popular in South China.
  5. Fried River Snails – A Specialty of Guangzhou.
  6. Duck – More Nutrition and Best Taste in Autumn.
  7. Taro – Bringing Good Luck.
  8. Pomegranate – More Kids and More Blessings.
  9. Pomelo – Standing for Beatitude.
  10. Pumpkin – Standing for Good Health.

Mid-autumn festival mooncakes:

  1. Mooncake – Iconic and Must-Eat Food.
  2. Duck – Keeps the Balance between Yin and Yang.
  3. Taro – Brings Good Luck.
  4. Pumpkin – Brings Good Health.
  5. Pomelo – Moon Goddess Bless My Family.
  6. Hairy Crab – A Seasonal and Festival Delicacy.
  7. River Snails – Brings a Good Harvest.
  8. Osmanthus Food – Brings Sweetness and Wealth.


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