(100 Free Summons) Mobile Legends Adventure Codes (MLA CD Key)

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes 100 Free Summons. ML: Adventure codes are a nifty little way of getting free Diamonds and Summon Scrolls in this role-playing game. Check out the entire list to find out everything you can claim for free in July 2022.

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes 100 Free Summons:

Do you love playing with friends, strategizing, and Coordinating your heroes to take down your opponents? Then Mobile Legends Adventure is the game for you. Assemble a team of champions from over a thousand characters, each with their own unique abilities, and take on the world in this addictive 4v4 PvP mode. Can you become the King of the Arena? You can get more premium items and power free with Mobile Legends Adventure Codes, that i am providing here.

last Update: 21 October

Active ML Adventure Codes To Redeem:

FWT9L5 (NEW)500x Diamonds
MLADUNGEON500x Diamonds / 10x Premium Summon Scrolls
8JESRQ222941,000x Diamonds / 5x Premium Summon Scrolls


UNXPTZx500 Diamonds
5L8VNO x500 Diamonds
S3M0PWx500 Diamonds
  • S3M0PW : 1st Mirage chest code for X500 Diamonds (Added on July 23rd, 2022)
  • TRPW762228N : Code added on July 4th, 2022.
  • 6D92BD2228G : Code added on June 10th, 2022.
  • 99WMXM2228H : Code added on May 31st, 2022
  • MLA9453 : Redeem this ML Adventure code and get rewards
  • 888888 : Redeem this MLA code and get rewards

Last 10 Mobile Legends Adventure Codes 2022 (CD KEY)

S3M0PWRedeem 1st mirage code for 500 diamondsAdded on 23rd July
TRPW762228NRedeem code for 500 diamondsAdded on 4th July
6D92BD2228GRedeem code for 500 diamondsAdded on 10th June
99WMXM2228HRedeem code for 500 diamondsAdded on 31st May
VVRTA5Redeem four mirage code for 500 diamondsAdded on 30th April
KQY7LXRedeem third mirage code for 500 diamondsAdded on 30th April
CK3VEF2228DRedeem code for 1000 diamonds and 20 TicketsAdded on 29th April
NEWERA0429Redeem code for 500 diamondsAdded on 26th April
RJYCD3 Second morage code for 500 DiamondsAdded on 25th  April
KP38NH2228F Redeem code for 500 diamondsAdded on 23rd April
Mobile Legends Adventure Codes, Mirage Codes & MLA CD Key

List of all ML Adventure Codes CD KEY 2022

Below is the list of all the Mobile Legends Adventure codes that work or that have existed for this game, whether for the year 2021 or 2022.

  • S3M0PW – First mla mirage code (Added on 23rd July)
  • TRPW762228N – 500 diamonds (Added on 4th July)
  • 6D92BD2228G – 500 diamonds (Added on 10th June)
  • 99WMXM2228H – 500 diamonds (Added on 31st May)
  • VVRTA5 – The four mirage code for 500 diamonds (Added on 7th May)
  • CK3VEF2228D – 1000 diamonds and 20 Tickets (Added on 29th April)
  • NEWERA0429 – 500 diamonds (Added on 26th April)
  • RJYCD3  – Second morage code for 500 Diamonds (Added on 25th  April)
  • KP38NH2228F  – 500 diamonds (Added on 23rd April)
  • 3NVCDR  – Fist mirage code (Added on 17th April) please share this for more
  • MLA9453  – free diamonds
  • VNEKZH  – 4th mirage code (Added on 1st April)
  • YEHQKS  – The third mirage code (added on 22nd march)
  • 7YQM6G  – The second mirage code (added on 16th march)
  • YCZ8MR  – First mirage code is out for March
  • EAKSUY2228C  – Redeem MLA code for 300 diamonds
  • MLA999  – Code for VN version only (Added on 19th February)
  • Z9D9A622288  – Redeem MLA code for 1000 diamonds (Added on 4th February)
  • GU4PRS  – The Four MLA Mirage Code for 500 Diamonds
  • K54G8B –  third mirage code for 500 diamonds
  • PTFCPC22289 –  500 diamonds
  • L2WGN8  – The second mirage Code of 2022 (500 Diamonds)
  • QR2GYJ  – The First Mirage Code of 2022 (500 Diamonds)
  • MLA9453  – 777 Diamonds, 2 Premium Summon Scrolls and 100K Battle Points
  • DAYUM756 –  500 Diamonds
  • WJDZ7G2227D  – 500 Diamonds (MLA Cd key added on 28th December)
  • WS8DYD22286  – 500 Diamonds
  • XMASFUN689  – 1,000 Diamonds and 20 Premium Summon Scrolls (Added on 17th December)
  • MBZHQ5 –  The 4th Mla Mirage Code for 1000 Diamonds
  • MLAXMPL  – Redeem MLA cd key code for 288 gems, 50000 Battle Points et 2 Premium Summon Scrool
  • MLAXMAS  – 150 gems
  • 888888  – 288 gems
  • MLA1YEAR  – Redeem MLA cd key code for 1000 free gems
  • MLAFBGO  – 300 gems
  • MLAISFIRE  – 40000 gold
  • MLAREDDIT  – 500 gems
  • MLADISCORD  – 300 gems
  • MLAISLITE  – 30 gems ad 30k gold
  • 5WYYQZ  – 1000 Diamonds and 5 Summer Swim Ring (Bubble of Magic)
  • XSGXZJ  – 500 Diamonds (Bubble of Magic)
  • U6PTKZ2224V  – 500 Diamonds
  • HJPHU222277  – New MLA CD Key for Diamonds, Thanksgiving (Added on 25th November)
  • CUNZJZ22274  –  Redeem CD-KEY for 500 Diamonds, 10 Hero tickets (Added on 19th November)
  • TNEEY822275  – Redeem CD-KEY for 500 Diamonds (Added on 17th November)
  • 6OQGJ7 –  The Third Mirage Code for 500 Diamonds
  • 8TKYE8  – The Second Mirage Code for Ignite the Drylands
  • 03PSBH  – The First Mirage Code for Ignite the Drylands
  • CARNIVAL –  200 Diamonds and 1 Monthly Pass Coupon
  • SZYP34 –  3rd Mirage chest code for 1000 Diamonds (Added on September 20th)
  • DPW4TB – 500 diamonds (3rd mirage code)
  • CGUNBA22264  – 1000 diamonds  (Added on 9th September)
  • BFU77C22263  – 500 diamonds (new) (Added on 5th September)
  • 5TS2JD22262  – 500 diamonds (new)
  • KB7LF7  – Chest code
  • TB8VUA  – Chest code
  • DKMEQF2225W  – CD key for 500 Diamonds
  • AKAKURO77  – 777 Diamonds, 2 Summon Tickets and 7777 Coins
  • HOTMLA  – 500 Diamonds
  • 00NATAN00  – 30 summons
  • SUMMER777  – 30 Premium Summon Scrolls
  • SJOBY3  – Use this Mirage 3rd chest code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • MQS9SE  – Use this Mirage 2nd chest code to get 500 Diamonds

How to get new Mobile Legends Adventure Codes ?

All the codes come from the official sources of the creators of the game. Here they are release on the official sources. Here you can find them on :

Mobile Legends Adventure CD KEY:

Our ML Adventure CD KEY list is updated as soon as a new one is released on official networks. To not miss the next ones, we strongly advise you to add this site to your favorites

CD Key; go to events -> tap notice -> redeem CD-Ket

Mirage Code; events -> Mirage code -> enter the mirage code there

Gold Rush Code Events -> Gold Rush(chapter 4-20 required to be able to see gold rush in events, you are not eligible to enter one unless your account is less than 48 hours old)

How to Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Code to get free rewards?

To claim a ML Adventure Codes CD KEY, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other mobile games. As you imagine the first step is to launch into the games.

  • Open the game on your device.
  • Click on the Event button on the Main Menu.
  • This will be on the left side of the screen.
  • From the newly opened Events Page, tap on the Notice Board icon.
  • Now click on the Redeem CD-Key on the left side of the screen.
  • A new window with Text Box will open up now.
  • Type or copy the codes from above to this text box.
  • Press Confirm to redeem your free rewards.

Mobile legends adventure codes wrong format:

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes are not formatted in the wrong way. Instead, they are formatted how payments for in-game items or rewards should be formatted.

Game Information:

  • Title – Mobile Legends: Adventure
  • Publisher – Moonton
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 140 MB
    • iOS: 211 MB
  • Download –

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