Omori Basic Controls Guide

Omori Basic Controls Guide. So happy to see it finally coming out of this game Omori. The only project I checked on regularly to see if it was released and there is a reason for that. Looks amazing good job to everyone on the team. I’m not gonna lie, the art, music, and overall tone look fuckin amazing and I cannot wait to play this! I hope everyone on the team is doing well and that the game does well.

Omori Basic Controls Guide:

Truth to be told I was expecting this to never be finished. It’s been 7 years? I remember being excited about this game and it’s how I found out about Omocat. I’m so excited to finally play it! This game looks so amazing I’ve been watching it for so long!!! I’m so excited for this game to release! 

Basic Controls of the Omori Game:

  • Press Z to Start the Game
  • Press Z to Interact with Items
  • Press X to Exit the Item
  • Use Arrow keys to Move (Not WASD)
  • (A little later in the game) Press X to Open Menu
  • The Picnic Baskets next to Mari is to Save Your Game.
  • If you exit the game, it will not save it (I learned the hard way).
  • When you return to the White Room, Walk around, Press X (Your Menu), and click Stab.

Hope you got the best guide of Omori Basic Controls.

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