Best Tips and Tricks For Outsourcing Content

Best Tips and Tricks For Outsourcing Content. How to Outsource Your Content Marketing While Managing Quality. Some thought on this statement. Brain Dean the owner of the Backlinko website post a tweet on Twitter. The Brain Dean tweet:

  • My Number 1 rule for outsourcing content:
  • If you want an article about fixing a toilet, don’t hire a freelance writer. Hire a plumber.

His opinion seems solid. You know a plumber knows every single aspect of his job. I mean as an affiliate marketer we know how to rank a site. That’s why I think it is wise to write an article by an Industry expert. But I guess it would be more expensive.

Best Tips and Tricks For Outsourcing Content

He knows ins and outs of plumbing. But he might not be that good at language and writing. How can one rely on him for content? For this reason, you also need a content writer or you will be the content writer of your current plumber topic.

He may not know, how to express his thoughts:

You can express your thoughts to him. That’s brain dean’s point. The level of detail he can go into will always be unmatched. Think about what if both plumber and writer work together to create the finest content.

If we realize his opinion on our general knowledge, then his talks absolute candy shit!

Outsourcing content creation:

Do you think just paying extra bucks will do any good? Will it anyhow increase sales and help you get the return within the shortest possible time?

Once I was planning to build a site on hunting niche, that time I searched a lot of things. You will not get a professional witter who can bite a hunter on any topic. Almost in every niche, there are lots of forums where similar professionals discuss related topics. You will get lots of valuable articles in those forums, if you hire any writer never he can write such a nice informational article on a particular niche.

Outsourcing content marketing:

Some of his points theoretically correct but Practically bullshit, I already talk about this point. If I instruct my writer to work (talk) with a plumber and get ideas from him? I think that is the way of writing great content. A writer can write anything. He can do the crafting that the professional whom we are talking about cant do.

A writer should gather the required info from anywhere he can. Then he should start playing with the words. In my opinion. In that case, his work may influence his expenditure (price). Are you willing to pay at least 50% extra just for going out and digging deeper?

you are coming to the point. That’s the reason why we pay $5 to a hundred dollars / thousand words depending on the dept of the content. Price is no issue. I believe there are customers for products of different qualities.

How to successfully outsource content marketing?

First, you hire a plumber to write his thought on the topic .. then you hire a writer to rewrite the content provided by the plumber to make it interesting+informative to read. The question is don’t you think that can ruin the natural flow of the content and core elements of style? 

Now come to the answer. As a reader, I would look for a well-written piece of content that can provide all the information or guidance I need. The article wrote by a plumber could be too complex for a general reader and may not be well written, it could be also boring to read. Wouldn’t it be easier for a reader to understand the article if a writer makes it simple and clean?

Outsourcing content marketing:

Freelancer writers are okay, but not at all, and more specifically not everyone. Expect a few professionals/teams, they just write for words, not for quality.

In many cases, they lack in-depth research. That doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of doing so. But, as I said earlier, they just “write for words, not for quality”. A plumber can shoot lots of information and knowledge about that but he can’t convince a buyer to buy it like the way a writer does.

Marketing is a different sort of game:

Ah, this #1 rule seems like a centerpiece of a never-ending debate- The specialist vs. The writer. I don’t think there can be a clear winner here because each side could come up with compelling points to turn the argument in their favor.

The Specialist-

  1. Knows a lot about the subject matter.
  2. Instead of receiving pages upon pages of information, the specialist has lived the circumstance, ergo, lived the content.
  3. Can relay real-life experience like none other and assume an authoritative position due to his/her experience.

The Writer-

  1. Knows a lot about wordplay and how to draw a person’s attention.
  2. Instead of living the content, the writer (if paid correctly) can go to the depths of the underworld to bring out information.
  3. Can relay information with witticism, snappy sentences, and the overall article will be cohesive.


A client can hire a specialist if he/she thinks the subject matter is more technical, and the tone/quality/cohesion (or other aspects of quality writing) doesn’t matter. If the target is to pass information in any manner whatsoever, a specialist is viable. Note that I’m only talking about specialists who are not good with words.

A client, on the other hand, should go for a writer if the target is to persuade, compel, move, or influence the audience to take action (purchase or clicks). A writer’s toolkit helps him/her trigger certain emotions in the reader that makes him/her the perfect weapon for persuasion. An articulate person won’t just relay information, using the tried-and-true tricks of rhetoric, a writer will push the reader (subtly) towards a decision.


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