How to Prestige in Roblox Bad Business

How to Prestige in Roblox Bad Business. In Roblox Bad Business you can make your character level up to a stage, where you can Prestige them. This unlocks new tiers of weapons to use that fit your gameplay style. In this article, we explain how to Prestige in the Roblox Bad Business game.

How to Prestige in Roblox Bad Business Game:

To prestige in Roblox Bad Business, it is a direct process. The most major point you need to know is that you can only prestige at level 60. This is the most leading level you can touch on any prestige tier.

How to Prestige in Roblox Bad Business

The picture above shows you what you’ll see when you are on the menu between matches. On the left, you’ll see what the level/prestige section seems like before level 60. When you obtain level 60, however, you will see something related to the picture on the right.

As you can see, there is now a switch that says Prestige. When that option is available to you, press that switch. This will prestige your character and reset you to Level 0. It’s as simple as that! You’ve now moved on to the next Prestige Tier and have the strength to unlock new weapons once you reach the proper level.

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