PUBG New State Survivor Pass (Season 1)- Full List of Rewards, Prices, Mission

PUBG New State Survivor Pass (Season 1)- Full List of Rewards, Prices, Mission. Check Rewards, and the price of the first-ever Survivor Pass in PUBG New State. Today I talked about the new PUBG game New State Survivor Pass Vol. 1. This is the Season one(1) survivor pass of PUBG new state. Here’s everything you need to know about the PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol 1!

Last update: 20 November 2021

PUBG New State Survivor Pass (Season 1)

PUBG New State is an online video game sensation, has steadily grown in popularity since its release. The game can be found on many different platforms including Xbox One, Android, and iPhone and PC. The game is not for the faint of heart given its realistic depictions of combat. Players are dropped into a map with other 100 players who either choose to team up or battle each other until one player is left standing.

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The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) New State Survivor Pass is a new update that was released on 20 November 2021. The pass will bring in new cosmetic crates for players to buy and new items like the double-barrel shotgun. PUBG new State update will give players a chance to explore some new features while also rewarding them for their dedication.

PUBG New State Survivor Pass

How to get Survivor Pass Vol. 1:

  • Tap on the Pass button on the PUBG: New State main screen.
  • Press the Upgrade To Premium option in the bottom left.
  • Choose between the Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus.
  • Purchase NC cash in PUBG: New State.
  • Hit OK to get Survivor Pass Vol. 1.

How to buy PUBG new state Survivor Pass Vol. 1

  • Step 1: Download and open PUBG New State game on your device.
  • Step 2: Head over to the pass section.
  • Step 3: Click on the Upgrade to Premium option
  • Step 4: From here you can purchase the required version as per your preference.

PUBG New State Survivor Pass

The New Survivor Pass is a map of different challenges that players can complete in exchange for rewards such as battle passes and cosmetic items. Players who have been playing the game since its release will be able to get their hands on many more rewards by completing the various challenges at a reduced price compared to people who haven’t been playing from the beginning.

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Unlock the PUBG: New State Survivor Pass

PUBG’s new State Survivor Pass is a great way for those who haven’t been able to participate as much as they would like, as well as those who want to get more out of the game, to do so. The pass includes a variety of rewards and missions that make the player feel more immersed in the world of PUBG. Players will be rewarded with 5 crates worth of items, including weapons and gear.

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PUBG New State Survivor Pass Season 1 Cost:

New state Gamers can purchase the premium pass by 1500 NC (similar to UC) and 3800 NC for the premium pass plus. Moreover, players will get a new golden mask by obtaining the plus membership.

List of NC Currency Offers

PriceNCFree NCTotal NC
Rs 89300 NCNA300 NC
Rs 4491500 NC80 NC1580 NC
Rs 1,0993600 NC250 NC3850 NC
Rs 2,7499300 NC930 NC10230 NC
Rs 4,49915000 NC1800 NC16800 NC
Rs 8,90030000 NC5000 NC3500 NC

Apart from this, the developers are also offering two different packages that can be availed once per month. These includes:

  • Chicken Medal Medal Bonus Package: In this package, you will get 3,000 NC along with a 30 Chicken Medal bonus. The package comes with a price tag of Rs 899
  • NC Bonus Package: In this, you will get 30,000 NC along with 15,000 NC bonus making a total count of 45,000 NC. The package is available for Rs 8,900.

All Rewards Provided in the Survivor Pass

We have provided the list of rewards of both premium and free passes:

  •  Level 1: Argos Tactical Firearm – Groza x1
  •  Level 2: BP x200
  •  Level 3: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  •  Level 4: Chicken Medal x1
  •  Level 5: NC x50
  •  Level 6: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  •  Level 7: BP x450
  •  Level 8: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  •  Level 9: BP Random Box (S) x1
  •  Level 10: Argos Tactical Mask x1
  •  Level 11: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  •  Level 12: BP x680
  •  Level 13: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  •  Level 14: Chicken Medal x1
  •  Level 15: NC x100
  •  Level 16: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  •  Level 17: BP x900
  •  Level 18: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  •  Level 19: BP Random Box (S) x1
  •  Level 20: Argos Tactical Gloves x1
  •  Level 21: Erangel 150% BP Card x1
  •  Level 22: BP x1130
  •  Level 23: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  •  Level 24: Chicken Medal x1
  •  Level 25: NC x120
  •  Level 26: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  •  Level 27: BP x1350
  •  Level 28: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  •  Level 29: BP Random Box (M) x1
  •  Level 30: Argos Profile Icon x1
  •  Level 31: Troi 200% BP Card x1
  •  Level 32: BP x1580
  •  Level 33: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  •  Level 34: Chicken Medal x1
  •  Level 35: NC x180
  •  Level 36: Troi 200% BP Card x1
  •  Level 37: BP x1800
  •  Level 38: Argos Profile Frame x1
  •  Level 39: BP Random Box (M) x1
  •  Level 40: Argos Tactical Shoes x1
  •  Level 41: Erangel 200% BP Card x1
  •  Level 42: BP x2000
  •  Level 43: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +3 x1
  •  Level 44: Chicken Medal x1
  •  Level 45: NC x300
  •  Level 46: Troi 200% BP Card x1
  •  Level 47: BP x2250
  •  Level 48: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +3 x1
  •  Level 49: BP Random Box (L) x1
  •  Level 50: Argos Tactical Outfit x1
  • New State Sam Profile Icon (Free) and Argos Tactical Firearm – Groza: Unlock at RP 1
  • 50 NC and New State Sam Berry Shirt (Free): Unlock at RP 5
  • TROI 150% BP Card: Unlock at RP 6
  • Argos Tactical Mask and Chicken Medal (Free): Unlock at RP 10
  • New State Sam Berry Gloves (Free) and 100 NC: Unlock at RP 15
  • Argos Tactical Gloves and Chicken Medal (Free): Unlock at RP 20
  • 120 NC and New State Sam Berry Jeans (Free): Unlock at RP 25
  • Argos Profile Icon and Shrug Emote: Unlock at RP 30
  • 180 NC and New State Sam Berry Boots (Free): Unlock at RP 35
  • Argos Profile Frame: Unlock at RP 38
  • Argis Tactical Shoes and Chicken Medal (Free): Unlock at RP 40
  • 300 NC and New State Sam Berry Long Coat (Free): Unlock at RP 45
  • Argos Tactical Outfil and Chicken Medal (Free): Unlock at RP 50

How to get pubg New State Sirvivor pass for free:

This game has been played by many people around the world for many hours every day, and it is still growing in popularity. The graphics are good quality and the gameplay is addicting to some players. I don’t know anything about to get pubg New State Sirvivor pass for free. When I know anything about free New State Sirvivor pass for free, then I update it here. But you can download this game Mod version.

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