Re-Volt Cheats For PC 2023

Re-Volt is one of the oldest PC game in gaming industry. Today I am sharing the latest Re-Volt Cheat Codes – Name – How to use cheats or console commands and the full list of cheat codes and their in-game effects.

Re-Volt Cheats For PC

  1. Make all the changes you like

    Go into the folder where Re-Volt is installed. There should be another folder named ‘cars’. In here, every car in the game (with the exception of secret cars) has it’s own folder, each containing a text file called ‘Parameters’. By editing this file, you can choose how fast, how big etc you want the corresponding car to be. You can even change how grippy the tires are and how much the cars weigh.

    Contributed by: yaki kadafi

  2. Time Trial Glitch

    Select time trial and go onto any course. Now keep going until you reach the finish line. Wait a minute, and there will be the message saying “Go!”. Now your time trial clock has reseted to 0:00:00 again. Run over the finish line to get a very low time on time trial. This only works in version 1.0.

    Contributed by: Marth9

  3. Cheat Codes

    Enter these codes on the name wheel.

    CARNIVALAll cars
    TRACKERAll tracks
    CHANGELINGChange cars mid-race
    makeitgoodenables in-game editors
    URCOFlying UFO
    sadistselect weapons in game with right shift
    DRINKMETiny cars
    JOKERUse identical cars in Multi-Player mode (Does Not Work On 1.2 Version)
    TVTIMEView Select (F5/F6 change view)

    Contributed by: yaki kadafi, th3l3fty, wellington

  4. Unlock Clockwork Carnage Mode

    Collect all 20 stars in the test track.Clockwork Carnage Mode

    Contributed by: velo city

Re-Volt Cheats For PC

Re-Volt Cheat Codes – How to Use?

Using cheat codes is as simple as putting the code in your name and pressing enter. Once you use them, the effect will be activated and you can go back to the name you had

Re-Volt Cheat Codes – Full List

These are all the cheat codes:

  • CARNIVAL – Unlocks all the vehicles in the game.
  • TRACKER – Unlocks all the tracks in the game.
  • URCO – Unlocks UFO vehicle.
  • SADIST – Ability to choose the weapon during the race (Right shift).
  • CHANGELING – Ability to change the car during the race (Page Up/ Page Down).
  • DRINKME – All cars become tiny.
  • TVTIME – Unlocks two new cameras. F5 – TV camera. F6 – Free camera (Controlled with mouse).
  • JOKER – Every player has the same vehicle in multiplayer mode.
  • MAKEITGOOD – Enables in-game developer track editor.

If you discover any other cheat or code that we have overlooked, leave us a comment and we will add it to the list

About Re-Volt

For years Toy-Volt had been producing games and toys for children all over the world. Within months of introducing their first products they shot to the top of their trade.

Re-Volt lets you guide one of 28 remote control cars through insane race tracks set in unusual environments. Since the cars are the size of real remote control vehicles, objects found around the track are bigger than life. Curbs become huge walls, toys are obstacles, and everything is fair game to drive on, through, or over.

There are 13 different tracks spread throughout four Cups, including races set in museums, supermarkets, and settings which may look like your own neighborhood.

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