Best 69 Saitama Quotes- One Punch Man Quotes

Best 69 Saitama Quotes- One Punch Man Quotes. Top 69 Saitama Quotes (Best Collection). I don’t give his identity. you have already known The Mightiest One Punch Man identity. I love this guy very much. Here you find Best Saitama Quotes, Best One Punch Man Quotes. So, start our today’s article.

Saitama Quotes- One Punch Man Quotes

Everybody gangster until Saitama goes full Avatar state.

“That was close, my clothes could’ve got burnt up again”.

“If the heroes run and hide who will stay and fight?” -Saitama.

Shaggy would kill a superman with one finger without using 2 % of his power.

Saitama didn’t even try 😂 I’ve been concentrating on his face for a while and he looked like he was thinking something else like his grocery bag 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Best Saitama Quotes

Saitama on the moon: the moon: oh shit, here we go again !!!!!

Superman’s still alive, he’s just in a healing coma.

In the whole world, no one can beat Saitama. King: hold my bicycle and let’s play the video game.
But No, its mosquito: hold my blood.

Mosquito: splish splash Saitama powers are trash.

Saitama always was going to win… A real fight would be Saitama VS a Mosquito.

Best One Punch Man Quotes

Saitama would NEVER leave his groceries behind just to fight some robot.

Saitama: do you bleed? Superman: do you die!

Superman: I’m god Saitama: who wants to get Punched Superman: I’m weak Batman’s face is priceless.

Saitama’s power is always as high as it needs to be to beat his opponents and prevent him from taking damage.

Saitama was using 0.2 percent of his power and he used 0.3 on his serious punch.

OPM: Punches but didn’t die OPM: Am I a joke to you?

I love how Saitama always ends up on the moon.

Superman is an alien and Saitama is a human so no its not cannibalism.

List of who could beat Saitama:

here’s a list of people from DBS who could beat Saitama:

  1. Zeno.
  2. Grandpriest.
  3. All the angels about 12 of them.
  4. All the gods of destruction about 12 of them.
  5. Gohan, Vegeta, Jiren, Toppo, Goku, 17, Frieza, Broly, Zalama, Tamasu, Goku black, and everyone else who is universe level or higher.

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