Best Islamic browser SalamWeb provides Halal Internet for Muslims!

Best Islamic browser SalamWeb provides Halal Internet for Muslims! This browser promises a better web experience for everyone, especially for Muslims. It is the first browser to provide Islamic service. This browser offer services based on Islamic beliefs.

A Malaysian team has launched a browser called Salamweb. They make this with privacy and content censorship. For this, Muslim brothers and sisters fulfill their demands. There is no harmful content anymore. This browser is Halal for every Muslim. If you consider with others, see every browser gives harmful content, Adult content, Which is not allowed on Islamic beliefs.

If you are not a Muslim person, you also use this browser. Think that every media focused mainly on nudity. Cause this young generation already destroy for this. But with this browser, you can’t find anything wrong or harmful.

Salamweb is used experimentally in Malaysian and Indonesian Muslim people. Now all overused this browser. You can also download their application. They launched an Android and iOS version.

The managing director at Salam Web Technologies MY Sdn is Puan Hajjah Hasni Zarina. She told our team that,

‘social media websites are not doing enough to curb down harmful content and false information. “We know the internet has the good and the bad, so SalamWeb offers you a tool to create this window that lets you go to the internet to see the good’

Her aim to make online and internet are better for Muslims. Salamweb is a Muslim friendly mobile desktop browser. It is certified compliant by the independent Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board. Shariah law prohibits activities considered unethical, such as gambling, prostitution, and alcohol- and pork-related businesses, as well as interest-based financial products. 

SalamWeb features:

Here you see a clock showing prayer time in your GPS Location. You can also get the direction of Mecca (Makkah). There you make a conversation with another country Muslim people. This browser builds on open-source Chromium software that’s the basis of the Google Chrome web browser.

Play Store Download Link: Click Here

Android/ iOS App Download link: Click Here

Browser link: Click Here

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