Top 10 Best Shotgun Tips and Tricks To Become Shotgun King In Free Fire!

Top 10 Best Shotgun Tips and Tricks To Become Shotgun King In Free Fire! Hello, free fire lovers, welcome to the brand-new article. In this article, we are talking about how to use Shotguns, just like legendary players.

Garena Free Fire is a mobile action game. Here are the best pro tips for you to Become an M1887/ M1014/ Splash Shotgun King. The new weapon is the M1887 shotgun. This gun is a gamechanger shotgun in the Free Fire game. it’s a close-range gun. But this gun range so far from other close-range guns.

M1887 gun has a total of 2 bullets. And you can easily defeat an enemy in just one second with M1887. M1014 has six Ammos and splash has 5 Ammos. So let’s start today with Shotgun Tips and Tricks.

Top 10 Best Shotgun Tips and Tricks:

1. Hayato skill:

Hayato is one of the best old legendary characters in the Free Fire game. Every good player uses Alok as the main character. You can also use this character with character slot skills. If you are a good player then you also know that every character has an extra three slots to use other character skills.

If you use this character you have extra damage power when you taking damage. If you are an M1887 shotgun player, then must be included the Hayato character in your character slot.

2. Cover

In-game, when you go for an attack, what you will do? If you are a good player then you have to know how to defeat the enemy easily. You must have a cover where you hide. 

3. Jump shot:

When you shoot an enemy, he also attacks you. this time if you jump more, he doesn’t shoot you properly. And you can easily enemy.

4. Be Sensitive:

In close range, you have to move faster than the enemy. so that makes your sensitivity score 100. I prefer 100, you can make a change with your mobile capability. One thing if you feel better to play in lower sensitivity then it’s your choice.

Game-Changing Shotgun Tips and Tricks:

5. Shoot and Run:

if you saw legends gameplay they did not stay the same place when 1 enemy knockdown, they always change their position. And that’s why every squad did not find him easily and the legend player defeats the full squad. So, shoot 1 person if they knockdown, it’s very good. if they do not knock down then fast change your position. 

6. Super Quick Switch:

In-game there is a feature that you can change the previous gun with just one click. That icon name Quick Switch. When your ammo finishes you can easily change your gun and defeat your enemy easily.

7. Not made for the intense close fight:

Ingame when you outside in a house, then you saw an enemy or realize an enemy stay in this house. Fast you need to make this enemy 

How to Become a Shotgun King:

8. Drag headshot:

This is the best skill for a pro player or legend player. If you saw a legend player gameplay. you saw all gameplay, there every kill with a headshot. They always make drag headshots.

9. Use a Gloo Wall:

Gloo-wall is the best thing when you enter an attack. If you get more than 100+ damage then fast make a wall for cover. You can use your character ability and medkit and also inhaler to recover your health point. After that, you can make a good attack to defeat your enemy.

10. Don’t Attack During Reload:

When your ammo just finished must staying in cover, not open-field make sure you are cover and when your reload complete then rise and fast shoot.

Hope you understand all Shotgun Tips and Tricks To Become Shotgun King In Free Fire. Our other post about Free fire common word like slang. I think This post also needs you. Free Fire Slang, Most Common Slangs And Jargons Every Player Need To Know!

So. I am also a shotgun player. specially M1887 is one of the best shotguns in the free fire game. But If you use Shotgun Tips and Tricks perfectly, then you will be a shotgun king. So, learn those Shotgun Tips and Tricks.

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