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Your Bizarre Adventure is an episodic 3D beat ’em up video game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms. If you loves solving puzzles and exploring new worlds then you need to play this game. In this post, we’re going to share with you the codes for your bizarre adventure game. Whether you’re a fan of horror, puzzle games, or just want to have some fun, these codes are sure to give you the gaming experience by the Redeem Rewards.

YBA Codes List

Below you will find an updated list of all working codes for YBA. this list is updated on a regular basis as we add new codes and remove the expired ones.


Working YBA codes

Your Prestige needs to be 3+ to be able to redeem these codes:

  • SorryAboutYourQuests – Freebies
  • YummersOneMillionLikes – Freebies
  • YareYareDawa – Freebies
  • HUGE – Freebies

Active codes:

  • ily
  • 600kLikesFTW
  • 200kLikesBruh
  • YES150kSubs 

Working YBA codes

  • 200KLikesBruh : redeem this code to get 4 Rokas and 4 Arrows
  • 600KLikesFTW : Redeem this code to get 1 pure roka, 1 rib and 1 Heart

These codes will expire in one week!

Expired YBA codes

These are all the Expired codes:

  • ThanksFor50k+Subs!!!: Requiem Arrow, Rokakaka, Mysterious Arrow
  • 344k_Likes: Reward
  • ThxFor30kSubs: Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrows
  • SubToUzuForMoreCodes!!: 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, 2 Redeemed Mysterious Arrow
  • Yay251k: 2 Pure Rokakaka, 3 Rokakaka
  • Yay242k: Ribcage of the Saints Corpse, 2 Rokakaka, 3 Mysterious Arrow
  • Yay237k: 2 Redeemed Ribcage of Saints Corpse, 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow.

How to redeem YBA codes?

  • Once in-game, select ‘Play‘ to start the game.
  • At the bottom right of your screen, you’ll see a brown clipboard icon. Click that.
  • A new menu will open. Select the cogwheel icon to the far left.
  • This will bring up the Settings menu, where you’ll be able to paste your code into the ‘Enter a code to redeem here‘ box.
  • Press ‘REDEEM CODE‘, and that’s it – your rewards will now be waiting for you in your inventory.

What is Yba Trello? Yba Trello- Your Bizarre Adventure Trello:

Trello is an easy-to-use collaborative project management tool that can help you to manage your tasks, projects, and goals. You can use Trello to create boards for different aspects of your work life (work, home life, personal projects), add cards with specific instructions or ideas related to each board/project, and track the progress of everyone involved in a project through simple cards.

Click Here: Yba Trello Page

Where to find new Your Bizarre Adventure codes?

To get new codes for Your Bizarre Adventure once they are released you can follow the game developers on their official Twitter account here, and join their Discord server as the codes are announced their first and you will notice players talking about them they’re once released.

you can also find the codes on the game description so make sure to give it a look before playing the game.

Your Bizarre Adventure game

your bizarre adventure is an RPG Roblox game released in early 2019 and has more than 125 Million visits on Roblox.

YBA Stand Skin Tier List – Best

Tier SSS, Tier SS and Tier S are the best tiers of this Your Bizarre Adventure’s ranking (highest value):

Tier SSS

The Best of the Best Stand Skin in Your Bizarre Adventure. These tiers are evolved and requiem limited:

  1. Horseman of Heaven (Best) Stand Skin
  2. Devil’s Moon Stand Skin
  3. Festive Platinum Stand Skin

Tier SS

Some tiers are limited.

  1. Candysnake Stand Skin
  2. Jack O’ Platinum & Ghost World Stand Skin
  3. Tyrant Crimson & Nexus Crimson Stand Skin
  4. Festive World & Sumo World & Sumo Platinum & King Peppermint Stand Skin
  5. TWAU: Over Heaven, Spirit Bomb Sword Stand Skin
  6. Frost Bite Stand Skin
  7. Cursed Aero Platinum Stand Skin
  8. Elf Pistol & Tākoizu Dragon Stand Skin

Tier S

These tiers are evolved and requiem.

  1. The World Over Heaven Stand Skin
  2. Tusk ACT 4 Stand Skin
  3. Made in Heaven Stand Skin
  4. Star Platinum: The World Stand Skin
  5. Killer Queen: Bites The Dust & Gold Experience Requiem & King Crimson Requiem Stand Skin
  6. Silver Chariot Requiem Stand Skin

YBA Stand Skin Tier List – Rest

Tier A, Tier B, Tier C and Tier D are the rest tiers of this Your Bizarre Adventure’s ranking (lowest value):

Tier A

Above the average Stand Skin in Your Bizarre Adventure:

  1. Whitesnake Stand Skin
  2. The World & Star Platinum Stand Skin
  3. Anubis & Red Hot Chili Pepper Stand Skin
  4. Crazy Diamond & Killer Queen & Gold Experience & King Crimson Stand Skin

Tier B

Average Stand Skin in Your Bizarre Adventure:

  1. Silver Chariot & Hermit Purple Stand Skin
  2. The Hand & Purple Haze & Cream & Hierophant Green Stand Skin

Tier C

Below Average Stand Skin in Your Bizarre Adventure:

  1. Magician’s Red Stand Skin
  2. White Album Stand Skin
  3. Aerosmith Stand Skin

Tier D

Worst Stand Skin in Your Bizarre Adventure:

  1. Sex Pistols Stand Skin
  2. Beach Boy Stand Skin
  3. Mr. President Stand Skin
  4. Sticky Fingers (The worst) Stand Skin

YBA Noob to pro Basic Guide 2023:

[YBA] Going From Noob To Pro In One Video, In todays video we go from noob to pro in yba roblox or your bizarre adventure roblox the best jojo game on roblox we get really lucky and get golden wind or golden experience in yba our journey was a long one since we had to complete the whole storyline and defeat diavalo with giorno stand.


Your Bizarre Adventure Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Your Bizarre Adventure
  • Twitter: @KeeUzu
  • Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3194064/Bizarre-Studios#!/about
  • Youtube: UzuKee

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