Youtube Monetization Requirements 2021

Youtube Monetization Requirements 2021. Which Youtube Channels Will Not Be Monetized 2021. Today I provide here a complete list of Youtube channel types not eligible for monetization in 2021. In Feb 2020 Youtube Monetization Policy got updated by the Youtube authority. This Update is based on the guidance given in the Youtube Monetization Policy. 

Youtube Monetization Requirements 2021:

I provide here all details of 20 types of the youtube channel, which has no ability to eligible youtube monetization. So if you read this complete article, you will get to know which kind of youtube channels will not be monetized in 2021. 

List of Youtube Channels Will Not Be Monetized:

Channel TypeReason
DJ Channel, Remix MusicNo Creative & No Narration
Whatsapp StatusNo Creative & No Narration
Social Media ReuploadCopy Video & No Narrative
CompilationNo Narrative
Sports VideoCopy Video & No Narrative
Promotional VideoNo Creative
Music collection, Artist collectionNo Creative & Copy Video & No Narrative
Movie Trailer, Movie Sense, MovieCopy Video & No Narrative
Channel with clickbait videosNo Narrative
Top 10 ChannelNo 
Videos With No Face And No VoiceNo Narrative or No Minimal voice
Dance Channel, Dance Cover ChannelNo creative
Multiple Catagory Video on Same ChannelComputer Voice
Gaming ChannelNo or Minimal Voice
Video with no human voiceComputer Voice
Repeated Content/ Similar VideoReupload
Image Display/ Image slideshowNo or No Minimal Commentary
Channel With Two Or More CopyrightCopyright & Community Guideline
Review Channel/ Reaction ChannelNo or No Minimal Commentary

Note: Narrative/Minimal means your Voice.

DJ Channel, Remix Music Channel:

DJ Channel, Remix Music Channel not allowed anymore to eligible. Cause Inn a remix song you just add some extra instruments sounds. If you want to monetize, then you need to add your narrative to this DJ music video.

Whatsapp Status Channel:

If you search WhatsApp status on youtube, a huge number of you will get around 1 million or even more videos. That video is too short and they have no authority over this video. Just download and cut some movie or drama sense, then creating a video is not enough to get Youtube to monetize.

Social Media Reupload Channel:

If you collected videos from any social media and upload them on youtube. If you doing the same thing, you can’t get Youtube monetization.

Created Common Video Reupload:

Created Common Video Reupload means if you upload a video from the channel’s old video, then you are not eligible to get Youtube monetization. Youtube Monetization has so many Requirements in 2021. So be careful with creating videos and making a video on your channel. Youtube Monetization Requirements are so important for all youtube content publishers.

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