Battle Cats Codes [New Update]

Battle Cats Code List 2022. Battle Cats Codes [New Update]. Battle Cats is a Battle game for Smartphones, Tablets, and PC. Battle Cats Wiki provides Battle Cat information for Battle Cat players. Battle cats wiki also includes how to play battle cats game guide so you can have fun playing Battle Cats Game. Battle Cats is based on the Japanese webcomic Neko Majin, created by Tamago Kakei.

Are you looking for the Battle Cats Codes? In this post, I presented lots of Active Battle Cats codes. You can get some expensive Rewards by using those codes. So, welcome to the Battle Cats codes wiki.

Battle Cats Codes:

Battle Cats Serial Codes were that could be input in the game for various rewards. This feature was later removed with the Invite Friends to get the Moneko feature in the Version 4.3 Update. So I can’t give you any Active Battle Cats Serial codes right.

  • BGG-TEK-UG → Redeem this code for a chance to get free cat food
  • QLP-HLX-CT → Redeem this code for a chance to get two rare cat tickets
  • NEB-UJJ-CA → Redeem this code for a chance to get free materials
  • UVR-DHU-36 → Redeem this code for a chance to get a random in-game reward
  • FMN-WXF-6D → Redeem this code for a chance to get a stamina boost package
  • LWD-NEZ-Z5 → Redeem this code for a chance to get cat food & materials

Battle Cats Active Code:


How to Obtain Battle Cats Codes:

Here are four types of codes that are available. These are Serial codes, gift codes, Secret codes, merchandise codes. Most of the serial codes could only be used once excluding Easter Egg codes. There were many ways to get Serial Codes:

  • Winning contests held by PONOS on their Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Codes that were bundled in the game’s merchandise.

Battle Cats Gift Codes:

These were one-time use codes that were sent to the winners of PONOS contests. These codes would give the player items such as XP, Cat Food, and Tickets. Here You can also find battle cats codes for cat food.

Battle Cats Secret Codes:

These are codes that when used, would unlock a hidden Cat Unit.

List of Serial Code Cats

Many of the cats listed below are unobtainable, however, but others have been granted new methods to be obtained, some only in Switch port.

Name of CharacterPre 4.3 MethodCurrent MethodThe Battle Cats Unite! Method
Capsule CatInput codes from Nyanko Great War! Strap gashapon machine.Reach the milestone during the MattShea Collaboration Event.Clear any stage by sending only one Cat Unit on the field.
Masked CatInput codes from Battle Cats lottery double chance campaign.N/AOpen the game at midnight.
Maiko CatInput codes from Nyanko Ecology Report.N/AClear Bermuda 10 times with Cat in the lineup.
Evangelist CatInput codes from PONOS employees’ business cards.N/AClear The Big Bang.
Toy Machine CatInput codes from Nyanko Great War! Strap 2 gashapon machine.N/APlay the Cat Capsule 30 times, then clearing any stage in-game.
Blue ShinobiInput codes from Nyanko Great War! Strap Set.N/AClear Greece and Russia 10 times.
Cabaret CatInput the serial code: ラス-ボスClear the stage Let’s GOOO! <(@0@)>N/A
Cat BrosInput codes from Nyanko Great War! Strap 3 gashapon machine.Clear the stage For the Fans.Clear any stage with a lineup consisting of; Macho Cat, Wall Cat and Brave Cat.
HikakinInput the serial code: ヒカ-キンClear Hikakin Advent.N/A
Squish Ball CatInput codes from Nyanko Great War! Funyuu Funyuu Mascot!, from 5th GasXhapon machine.Clear the stage Watch & Earn.View the Cat Storage for 5 minutes straight then winning any stage in-game.

Battle Cats Merchandise Codes:

These were one-time use codes that were included in the game’s merchandise. They would give items or Cat Units.

How to play Battle Cats Game:

This Battle Cat information page provides a Battle cat game guide and How to play Battle cats: So you need to collect all kinds of Cats so you can fight in the Battle. Battle other players from around the world! Gain more XP from each battle won, level up faster by defeating other players!

Fight for higher rankings on leaderboards. You’ll get a reward every time you win a battle against another player or complete an Achievement Reward quest! Use your rewards to add items like Energy Balls, Power Bracelets etc which makes it easier to collect money while playing Battle Cats Game.

Battle Cats Official Social Account:

Battle Cats Download link:

Battle Cats Battle Cats is an online game in which players are tasked with raising Battle Cat armies to fight Battle Cat bosses. Battle Cats Battle Cats is a free-to-play game that can be played on the web or downloaded for iOS and Android devices. Here I also share the play store download link & Battle Cat mod Apk Download link, If you want to play the Battle Cats mod Apk, Then download from below.

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