Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List 2024 & Reroll Guide (Best Cards)

which characters to have on your team in Disney's Twisted-Wonderland? Here's a complete Attack Power tier list.

Follow my instruction to get the perfect Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List. Disney Twisted Wonderland features a unique tier list that can help players level up much faster than they would in other parks. With this park, it’s important to be strategic with your character slots, as each one plays a critical role in your success. By taking advantage of the options available to you, you can quickly move up the tiers and reach the level cap much more quickly than you would at other parks.

Disney Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game. Twisted Wonderland is a mobile game developed by f4samurai and published by Aniplex and Disney, with the opening sequence done by A-1 Pictures. Yana Toboso, creator of Black Butler, is in charge of the original plan, main script, and character design, which are inspired by Disney Villains from various franchises.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide

This interactive game is based on the Disney movies Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent, and lets you become part of the story. Players can explore the game world, interact with characters from the movies, and take on challenging tasks. There are also plenty of opportunities to earn rewards, including exclusive items that only available during game play. So if you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your free time, Disney Twisted Wonderland is the perfect choice.

Disney’s Twistedwsqqqqsz Wonderland Tier List:

Dive into a deviously delicious wonderland and come out on top, with the help of our Twisted Wonderland tier list, reroll, and character guide. There are three types of battle, with each featuring different victory requirements that need to be met. These are:

  • Five-turn restricted battle: either inflict more damage than your opponent by the end of all the turns or reduce their HP to zero.
  • Unrestricted battle: reduce your opponent’s HP to zero
  • Five-turn endurance battle: either survive until the end of all turns or bring your opponent’s HP to zero

S-Tier (5600+ Maximum Power)

CharacterOutfitRarityDormPower at Level 1Power at Max Level + GroovificationElement 1 / Element 2Attack-Boosting Buddy
RiddleDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul1,5367,142Fire / FireCater
LeonaDorm UniformSSRSavanaclaw1,4796,877Flora / FloraVil
JackDorm UniformSSRSavanaclaw1,4386,255Fire / FloraLeona
AceDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul1,3856,024Fire / FloraCater
AceCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,3895,819Flora / FireEpel
JamilCeremonial RobesSRScarabia1,3815,786Flora / WaterKalim
DeuceCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,3705,740Water / FireEpel
VilCeremonial RobesSRPomefiore1,3625,706Fire / WaterJamil
CaterCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,3515,660Fire / FloraJamil
EpelCeremonial RobesSRPomefiore1,3435,627Flora / FireAce

A-Tier (5000+ Maximum Power)

B-Tier (4500+ Maximum Power)

C-Tier (1000+ Minimum Power)

NameOutfitRarityDormPower at Level 1Power at Max Level + GroovificationElement 1 / Element 2Attack-Boosting Buddy
TreyCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,1774,472Flora / CosmicRiddle
LeonaCeremonial RobesSRSavanaclaw1,1614,411Flora / WaterIdia
IdiaLabwearSRIgnihyde1,1454,351Water / WaterOrtho
OrthoBurst GearSRIgnihyde1,1284,286Flora / WaterEpel
TreyDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul1,0774,038Water / FloraNone (all buddies boost HP)
JackLabwearSRSavanaclaw1,0833,974Cosmic / FireRuggie
AzulLabwearSROctavinelle1,0693,923Flora / FireOrtho
FloydLabwearSROctavinelle1,0543,868Water / CosmicAce
JamilLabwearSRScarabia1,0393,813Fire / FloraKalim
VilLabwearSRPomefiore1,0243,758Flora / FireTrey
EpelLabwearSRPomefiore1,0093,703Water / CosmicOrtho

Disney Twisted Wonderland Storyline:

Players look into the world of Twisted Wonderland as a human named Yuu, who is summoned from their original world to Night Raven College by the school’s magic mirror. However, Yuu lacks magic themself and problems arise when the mirror is unable to return them to their home. They are permitted to enroll as a student until the principal, Dire Crowley, can find them a way back.

In the meantime, Yuu is tasked with bringing together the powerful yet rowdy student body of Night Raven College. Just what secrets do these students have, harbouring the spirits of famous Disney Villains?

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List – SS – Tier

RaritySS Tier
  • Ruggie [Outdoor Wear]
  • Riddle [Dorm Uniform]
  • Leona [Dorm Uniform]
  • Riddle [Labwear]
  • Ace [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Rook [Labwear]
  • Idia [Labwear]
  • Malleus [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Epel [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Archetype Gear]

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List – S – Tier

RarityS Tier
  • Jade [Halloween]
  • Leona [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Dorm Uniform]
  • Kalim [Dorm Uniform]
  • Deuce [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Cater [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Labwear]
  • Jack [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ruggie [Labwear]
  • Azul [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Azul [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jade [Labwear]
  • Jade [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jamil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Labwear]
  • Floyd [School Uniform]
  • Vil [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [PE Uniform]
  • Idia [School Uniform]
  • Sebek [PE Uniform]

A – Tier

RarityA Tier
  • Vil [Halloween]
  • Jamil [Birthday Showcase]
  • Riddle [Birthday Showcase]
  • Epel [Birthday Showcase]
  • Sebek [Birthday Showcase]
  • Floyd [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Dorm Uniform]
  • Cater [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Dorm Uniform]
  • Lilia [Halloween]
  • Rook [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Outdoor Wear]
  • Silver [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Apprentice Chef]
  • Leona [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Epel [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Idia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ortho [Burst Gear]
  • Ortho [Stargazer Gear]
  • Sebek [Labwear]
  • Sebek [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Jack [Beans Camo]
  • Ace [School Uniform]
  • Leona [Outdoor Wear]
  • Cater [PE Uniform]
  • Ruggie [PE Uniform]
  • Floyd [PE Uniform]
  • Kalim [PE Uniform]
  • Vil [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Athletic Gear]

B – Tier

RarityB Tier
  • Leona [Birthday Showcase]
  • Deuce [Dorm Uniform]
  • Deuce [Starsending Robes]
  • Jack [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jamil [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Halloween]
  • Ace [Labwear]
  • Cater [Labwear]
  • Ruggie [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Gala Couture]
  • Azul [Labwear]
  • Floyd [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Labwear]
  • Jade [Apprentice Chef]
  • Rook [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Silver [Labwear]
  • Silver [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Lilia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Riddle [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [PE Uniform]
  • Trey [School Uniform]
  • Trey [Starsending Robes]
  • Leona [PE Uniform]
  • Jack [School Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Gala Couture]
  • Ruggie [School Uniform]
  • Azul [School Uniform]
  • Azul [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [Beans Camo]
  • Kalim [School Uniform]
  • Jamil [School Uniform]
  • Silver [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [PE Uniform]
  • Epel [Halloween]

C – Tier

RarityC Tier
  • Cater [Halloween]
  • Ortho [Birthday Showcase]
  • Floyd [Beans Camo]
  • Azul [Beans Camo]
  • Trey [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Birthday Showcase]
  • Azul [Halloween]
  • Sebek [Outdoor Wear]
  • Idia [Starsending Robes]
  • Kalim [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Apprentice Chef]
  • Vil [Beans Camo]
  • Leona [Labwear]
  • Deuce [Labwear]
  • Jack [Labwear]
  • Jade [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Apprentice Chef]
  • Epel [Labwear]
  • Ortho [Precision Gear]
  • Riddle [PE Uniform]
  • Ace [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [School Uniform]
  • Trey [PE Uniform]
  • Leona [School Uniform]
  • Jack [PE Uniform]
  • Jade [School Uniform]
  • Jade [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [Beans Camo]
  • Epel [School Uniform]
  • Epel [Dorm Uniform]
  • Idia [PE Uniform]
  • Malleus [School Uniform]
  • Malleus [PE Uniform]
  • Silver [PE Uniform]
  • Sebek [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [School Uniform]
  • Kalim [Halloween]

Disney Twisted Wonderland Reroll guide

  • Download Twisted Wonderland
  • Enter your protagonist name (you can change this later!)
  • Download the rest of the required game data
  • Choose a dorm and character – you’ll receive an SR Ceremonial Robes version of the character you choose
  • Go through the game tutorial, and clear up to prologue seven
  • Welcome to the gacha tutorial! Here you’ll get eight summons, with one guaranteed SSR ranked character. If you don’t like the ones you pull, you can hit ‘resummon’ until you get ones you like
  • Continue through the story quests
  • Return to the title screen and collect your login bonus
  • If you’re still unhappy with your pulls, uninstall, then repeat the steps above

Cards Rarity, characters tier list in Twisted Wonderland explained

Twisted Wonderland is a game mainly targeted toward female otaku, with pretty boys based on the traits and stories of Disney villains. Each separated into dorms. The game has turn-based JRPG elements, with different versions of the characters in R, SR, and SSR rarity. SSR is the rarest and strongest card rank. Note that there are only 8 different SSRs in the tutorial gacha, and you can’t get more than one.

Which card to get from the tutorial?

The cards to watch out for are SSR Riddle (Riddle [dorm uniform]) or SSR Leona (Leona [dorm uniform]), as they are the best in this gacha. Later, you can use gems for more summons, but for now as long as you get any of the above cards, the pull is accepted.

My Point of View:

In my option this is in general a good game. I’m a casual player, so I don’t take it to serious, however I do look at three different things when playing. Function, Plot (if there is one), & Art. In my opinion the art style is well done, the plot is funny and simple not too intense but still interesting, and lastly the function of the game is smooth though can occasionally slow. Mostly while loading new screens. Even the fandom makes fun of it. But all in all a good game.

First of all, this is not an otome game.
I recommend to play the English version, unless you understand Japanese. Since it’s kinda a waste if you download the Japanese one without understanding it.
[SPOILER – Kinda vague though]
Victim 3 is on rampage, caused by victim 2.
And previously, victim 2 was on rampage, caused by subject 1. (I forgot what it’s called, is it butterfly effect?)
Yeah, something like that.
But the main story is indeed great. Mixed with good jokes, and the localizations are pretty good (it’s kinda mixed, some said that the localizations are bad, and some said it’s good.) Also mixed with many real life problems, so many characters are relatable. They also include the classic “moral of the stories” each in the end or near the end of the book. (Each books have dozens chapters.
The total number of chapters may vary in each books). Overall, the main stories are enjoyable, including the side stories. The side stories mainly come from limited time event and vignettes. Good character building, although the progress are slow, but worth it. Every characters have distinct personality, which make each of them unique (and few of them have very bland personality too).
The art/graphics are perfect *chef’s kiss*. The animations are perfect too and the movements are very smooth. The characters’ expressions are perfect and matching with their current emotion. The colour palletes are soft, yet bold and charming. Perfection.
And then,
The game mechanics are pretty basic and easy (easy to play and understand). There are two mechanics. Rythm and turn based battle mode. The rythm mode are just like other rythm game, while the battle mode has turn based system with typical “this element is effective to that element or this element is weak against that element” system. So yeah, there are 4 elements. Fire, water, nature, and cosmic (the neutral element).
Other than that,
The musics are good. Has that fantasy, goth, and classic vibe. The musics for the rythm mode are a bit disappointing, it’s kinda decent. I understand though, since this game aren’t focused on musical stuff. Still, on certain scenarios, the background musics suit well with the scene.
You could still survive if you are a fellow F2P in this game. In here, they celebrate the characters’ birthday. In each characters’ birthday, they will give you 10 keys for gacha (10 keys = 10 pulls), pretty generous. A little info : 100 pulls = guarenteed SSR. In here, the gacha currency are gems. 300 gems = 10 pulls. There are many various way to gain gems. Still, you need to put more effort (work harder) if you wanna get your favourite cards.

What’s new

Improvement and addition of functions as followed:
– New function: Account deletion function
– New function: Alternate looks for Ceremonial Robes
– Improvement: Home Screen Settings
– Improvement: Add spell level to cards’ sorting function
– Improvement: Setting for automatic lesson repetition
– Improvement: Display of character illustration when forming the lesson team

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