Evil Genius 2 Cheats & Console Command

Eveil Genius 2: World Domination (Instant Research, Unlimited Gold, Instant Training, & More)

This Article contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Evil Genius 2 for PC. Having the subtitle World Domination, the players must aim to conquer everything on their way, even if they would need a helping hand. Know all the available console command and cheats in Evil Genius 2 in this guide.

Evil Genius 2 Cheats & Console Command

Well, that helping hand could be the console commands and cheats which debuted in Evil Genius 2 last April 1st. These will not grant extravagant pushes or bonuses to players. However, some of these might still be useful in various circumstances.

So, stay through this article to know all the console command and cheats in Evil Genius 2. Find out how to enable all available console commands in Evil Genius 2: World Domination with the help of our quick guide.

The command console in Evil Genius 2 can be opened by simply pressing the ~(tilde) key on your keyboard while in the game.

This will open up a command prompt, where you can type in the following console commands:

    • ListCmds: This command will list all the available console commands in the game.
    • Clear: If you want to clear all the entries in the command prompt, then use this command.
    • searchcmds: This command lists all available commands that include text strings.
    • listvars: You may see the list of all available variables in the game using this command. Unfortunately, you will not be able to edit them per the new anti-cheat policy by the developer.
    • searchvars: This is a very similar command to “listvars”, but it only shows the variables that contain specific text strings.
    • Help: Type this in, if you want to know what each command does or means.
    • ?: This one is similar to “Help” command, but needs to be typed after one of the other commands for specific responses.
    • Mute: A simple command that turns off the game’s soundtrack.
    • Quit: Turns off the game.
    • connect: There is no function behind this command in the game right now.

Evil Genius 2 Cheat Codes List

At the time of writing, Evil Genius 2 does not have any active cheat codes. It’s possible the game could add cheat codes in the future, perhaps to grant players unlimited gold or instant training. However, for the time being, if you want to take over the world you’ll need to do it the honest way.

But here are some useful commands that might help you In your game experience:

  • – Mute: mutes the game.
  • – Quit: Exits the game.
  • – ListCmds: Lists available console commands.
  • – Help: Describes commands.

To open the command screen you will need to press “~” on your keyboard.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Cheats for PS4:

– Technician
Repairs lair items

– Scientist
Can man intel desks

– Biologist
Can man mainframes

– Quantum Chemist
Can man holographic world

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