Project Slayers: Find Blue Spider Lily Flowers [Best Way]

All the processes collect from Authority & gamers. If you want to find blue lily flowers in the Project Slayers game that this guide helps you must. Here I added step by step finding process so that you can easily find Blue Lily Flowers. Project Slayer is a new Roblox game. After releasing this game every player joins and play. Cause this game based on an anime name is Demon Slayer. And most gamers like this anime. I also like this anime and the last season was so good.

Best Way to Find Blue Spider Lily Flowers in Project Slayers

Go through the points given below that can help you find those flowers:

  1. It is possible to collect the flowers anywhere and at any time.
  2. The collection of 5 flowers only counts only when you are on Muzan’s quest. That means if you have collected flowers before, they won’t count.
  3. If you are on any other mission, the collection won’t count.
  4. Therefore, begin the Muzan quest in the game.
  5. Open the map and mark Kabiwaru Village on it.
  6. Find the horse guy and fast travel to Kabiwaru Village.
  7. Apart from the city, the Blue Spider Lily flowers are spawned mostly on the outskirts.
  8. Wander around the outskirts of Kabiwaru Village.
  9. Blue Spider Lily flowers are mostly found there so you can find at least more than three flowers there.
  10. After Kabiwaru Village, the Butterfly Mansion has the most number of flower spawns.
  11. Mark Butterfly Mansion on the Map and fast travel using the horse guy.
  12. They spawn randomly around the Butterfly Mansion and can be found easily if you keep on free roaming.

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