Fishing Clash Guide- Tips and Tricks to Catch Legendary Fish, Boss, Megalone

Find out in our Fishing Clash Guide, how to catch the biggest fish like Legendary Fish, Megalone. The goal of all Fishing Clash players is to catch the biggest fish. As in real life if you are a sinner. In addition to the joy provided, you should know that to win a championship in Fishing Clash you have to succeed in fishing a Legendary fish.

Fishing Clash Guide- Tips and Tricks to Catch Legendary Fish, Boss, Megalone

The points won are important. So, we offer you the possibility to do it, provided you do it well. All the procedure to get there is written below. Whether to catch the Legendary Fish, Bosses or the Megalodon.

Fishing Clash is a fast-paced, multiplayer game where you compete against other players to catch the most fish. You use your mouse to control your character’s movement and aim while clicking on objects in the environment to lure in fish. The more fish you catch, the faster you progress through levels and ultimately a battle for first place.

Fish can be caught using different types of bait: from worms to squid. Once a bait is hooked onto a fish, simply pull back on the mouse button until it disappears off the screen or goes into your inventory panel at the bottom of your screen. Then release it near an aquarium (or any other suitable location) so that your prey gets into position and is ready for capture.

How to catch Legendary Fish in Fishing Clash?

  • Buy bait in the store.
  • A method requiring a little luck is to take the level 11 clan booster. While fishing, you will have a small chance to catch one. They appear at random.
  • You can also recover it thanks to the periodic events that the developers announced. In order not to miss their release date, I invite you to consult the official Facebook page. All the information is given on it. The rewards often live up to expectations. Usually out of the 5 locations, there are 4 that Pop a Legendary Fish
  • Clan wars! Here too, by carrying out tasks you will have a chance to have bait.
How to catch Legendary Fish in Fishing Clash?

Fishing Clash Guide: how to catch a megalodone?

To fish and capture a Megalodon in Fishing Clash, you need to do the following:

  • Acquire the special fishing rod: Megalodon Hunter and improve it to at least 7. This is the minimum to have a chance of fishing it.
  • Have a “Powerfull Megalodon” fishing license with at least 4.5%
  • You are going to need lots and lots of amplifiers! So if you already have some, save them! You can buy them at the shop, or win them during the events. And for bait, you will need level 2 to attract it.
Fishing Clash Guide: What about catching Fish Boss?

The other most important category to fish in Fishing Clash is bosses! You should know that there are everywhere, in all locations. There are 5 per place.

They must be taken at special times, especially during the Clan Wars or events. This is because they will bring in a lot more points. Other than that, they are quite ordinary fish species. To maximize the points they give, you have to catch it only from the shore. No there is no right or wrong way to catch them. However, sometimes you will need to renounce to catch one. This is the case in events, where other common fish will bring more points.

Get Started With Fishing Clash Basics⇓

(1) Fishing: to start the fishing, you tap the cast button and then tap the strike button once the fish has been trapped with your lure. Once the fish loses all its HP, you will get the fish. At the start of the game, you will be getting the common tier grade fish which are easy to get, but as you proceed further, things will change; you will discover high-tier/star legendary grade fish, special fish, mythical fish that are hard to catch. The bigger the fish, the more coins you earn.

  • You earn coins by catching the fish
  • Each day, you can catch 50 fish(for coins). Later, you would not get coins
  • There are four things that determine the size of fish or rarity of fish or points or stars; power-ups, bonuses, rod, and lure

Fishing Clash Tips To Catch Bigger Fish⇓

To catch the bigger fish in the Fishing Clash, we would advise you to activate the power-ups, choose the best lure that you have(upgraded one), draw bonuses, and use a better quality rod. All these things; high-grade lures, power-ups, bonuses, and rod quality will help you catch top-tier fish; legendary, epic, rare, mythical, and special.

Fishing Clash Guide To Power-Ups⇓

There are more than x3 power-ups in the Fishing Clash game; weight, catch chance, speed, luck, multi-hook, sonar, and more. Before you cast the lure, you can activate the power-ups.

How to use power-ups?

Before you tap on the cast button, you need to activate them. Tap on a power-up on the main screen to activate. Here’s how(check the above picture).

Why should you activate power-ups?

  • It increases the chance of getting a rare, epic or legendary lure
  • To catch big fish
  • To catch fish faster than ever
  • Catch big fish

How do you get power-ups in the Fishing Clash game?

  • One of the best ways is to complete the quest.
  • Complete daily challenges
  • From special packs
  • Use these Fishing Clash gift codes

Fishing Clash Guide To Power-Ups⇓

When to use power-ups?

  • In duel-mode

I think it’s enough for power-ups! Now, let’s learn about lures!

Fishing Clash Guide To Lures⇓

The lure is one of the most important items in the Fishing Clash game. The more powerful and rare lure is, the better fish you will get in duel mode or normal mode. Types of lures;

  1. Basic
  2. Common
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Mythical
  6. Legendary
  7. Special

Why is lure important?

  • It increases the chances of getting a better fish

How to change your lure?

Just above the cast icon, on the main screen, tap on the current lure icon. Swipe left or right to change the lure and then tap on the equip button.

Fishing Clash Guide To Rod⇓

Rod is one of the Fishing Equipment that helps you catch the fish. In the Fishing Clash game, you get a free rod when you start the game; Florida Rod. As you move to the new locations or unlock the fishery by leveling up, you will get the new rods. On the main screen of the game, on the left side, tap the gear option -> there you can check the rods that you have.

You can upgrade the rods by sacrificing the 1-5 star rods that you don’t use. Upgrading the rods will unlock new perks, increase combo bonuses, and instant catch chances.

Fishing Clash Guide To License Bonus⇓

At each location, you get a license and bonuses. Navigate to the gear menu of the game -> choose a location; i.e. Florida Coast -> go to the license tab; there you can draw bonuses with the pearls. And, in the lower-left corner of the license screen, tap “upgrade to the pro license” -> upgrading to the pro license will unlock more bonuses.

Fishing Clash PvP Duel Guide & Tips⇓

In the Fishing Clash Duel PvP mode, you compete against other players from all over the world. You earn trophies by defeating the opponent and once you earn enough, you get rewards; precious items.

The very first step you have to do is selecting the best lure; select the best one or upgrade it if upgrade available. Then you need to catch two types of fish; you can check at the top-right corner of the screen.

Fishing Clash PvP Duel Guide & Tips⇓

Tips To Earn Free Power-Ups⇓

Complete the fish collection, keep an eye on gift codes, from the spinning wheel, events, etc.

Guide To Leveling In Fishing Clash⇓

By upgrading the lures, you will gain EXP, which would be needed to advance to the next level. The new level gives you free pearls, and power-ups, and unlocking new destinations.

Upgrade The Lure Cards⇓

As stated above, the lure is one of the main items in fishing. If it’s of poor quality, then you can not catch a big or rare or legendary fish. So it would be better to upgrade the lures.

Use Power-Ups To Win Duels⇓

  • Level-up and draw bonus – In rod section
  • Upgrade your lures
  • Use Power-ups
  • Don’t waste time and catch until you get a fish with high points

Use Power-Ups To Win Duels⇓

Getting Freebies In Fishing Clash⇓

There are two types of packs; free pack and special pack. A special pack gets unlocked when you earn a set of trophies. And the free pack unlocks after every few hours. Don’t forget to open it(at the bottom of the screen).

The Daily Homework⇓

  • Complete the daily challenge
  • Catch 50 fish daily
  • Don’t waste your pearls; collect them by achieving achievements or by completing a set of fish collection
  • Play duel mode, earn trophies, and unlock special packs
  • Participate in the events

Game info

  • Title : Fishing Clash
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Publisher : Ten Square Games
  • How to Play ? :

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