Google Ads 2000 Credit Coupon Code (25% discount)

Google Ads offers Promotional Coupons worth 2000 offers across the globe for new users. This coupon is to be used with an account that hasn’t used a coupon yet.

Google offers a variety of resources that can help you to claim Google Ads 2000 Credit Coupon Code directly from its platform. One way is to use the Google Search Console, which allows you to view and manage your web traffic data and activity across Google properties such as search engine results pages (SERPs), website content, AdWords ads, YouTube video views, etc.

Note: Is this credit applicable for new account creation or I can apply it for my previously opened Google Ads account? Ans: New Account Only
Google Ads 2000 Credit Coupon Code

Earn a Google Ads 2000 credit by activating your Google Ads Promo Code. It’s not uncommon that some Google Premier Partners, like Clever Ads, are allowed to offer and activate free Google Ads Promo Codes as part of their services and at no extra cost.

Google Ads 2000 credit and other offers across the globe for new Google Ads users as part of their Google Ads creator tool. However, there are some requirements for activating your Google Ads 2000 credit.

If you are new user going to create content then search for google ads in search. You will get to see the first ad link, click on it and it will take you to the google AdWords page. Here you will get to see the offer like get 2000 credit free. Click on it and signup. You will receive your promo code to your email after successful sign-up.

If you are already a AdWords user then check your email properly. Use the search box of your email. Search for google ads in that. You will get to see all the promo codes that Google AdWords is sending to your email regularly from time to time.

Google Ads 2000 Credit Coupon requirements:

  • You need to apply for the credit within 14 days of creating your Google Ads account, so it should be new. It’s important that you also notice that this Google Ads coupon can be used only for accounts that haven’t used a coupon yet.
  • Each Google Ads promo code varies depending on the country in which your Google Ads account is set up, so make sure to check your country-specific requirements for Google Ads promotional codes.
  • You can’t combine this Google Ads coupon with other promotional credits, and only one credit can be used per Google Ads account.
  • You’ll need to enter a payment method in your Google Ads account. If you’d like to use monthly invoicing make sure to select it before activating your Google Ads 2000 credit. Otherwise, your Google Ads credit will be invalidated and the amount lost when you switch to invoicing.
  • Google will match the spend in your Google Ads account for the first 30 days up to the discounted amount. This way, Google won’t charge your billing method up to that amount. Future ads will be deducted from this credit.

Other providers like web hosts, site builders, and other business tools and software are also likely to offer a free Google Ads 500 credit or Google Ads coupons to their customers. It’s worth taking the time to check with them in case they have available free ads coupons and credit.


There are several statuses for your Google Ads promo codes:

  • Active: when the Google Ads coupon has been activated and granted.
  • Processing: when the type of credit that responds to “spend $50, get $100” has been met and Google is processing the granted reward amount.
  • Redeemed: currently earning: when the coupon was successfully activated, but the type of credit that responds to “spend $50, get $100” hasn’t been met yet.
  • Invalidated: when the Google Ads coupon was invalidated.
  • Expired: when the Google Ads coupon expired after redemption and before the spend requirement was met.

Claim codes directly from Google

Going directly to the source, Google, is one of the best ways to get promo codes and free advertising credits. Google also activates free Google Ads 2000 credits for new accounts to help them get started, and also offers free ads credits periodically to existing accounts in some special cases and programs.

The most common Google Ads programs that offer free Google Ads coupons are:

  • Google Ad Grants for nonprofits.
  • COVID relief for SMBs: Google is giving free Google Ads credit to existing SMB advertisers that have actively been using Google Ads for at least 10 months in the last year. Google will activate the ad credit automatically.
  • New and returning user incentives: This Google Ads promo code is the most popular one. If you create a new account or haven’t advertised in a while (and want to reactivate your account), Google will give you ad credit to help you get started.

Do remember to claim these 2000 rupees promo code, you have to spend spend 2000 money. You have to spent 2000 first on google ads within 30 days. After that google ads give cashback in term of credit in your account under promotional code section. You don’t able to withdraw this credit to your bank account. You only able to spent it on your next advertisement.

How to check your Google Ads 2000 credit

For redeeming your Google Ads 2000 credit in case you didn’t activate it automatically.

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the tools icon, and under “Billing,” select Promotions.
  3. Click the blue plus button.
  4. Enter your promotional code.
  5. Click Save.

For checking your Google Ads 2000 credit and tracking its status, you can go to the promotions page to check your progress and the status of any credit. You’ll also be able to check already expired Google Ads promotions. For getting to the promotions page, go to the tools icon and select “promotions” under “billing”.

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