Hero Wars Magic Penetration

In this article, I run into a team that’s got a heavily built-up Helios, but a really weak Orion. Overall, their magic-damage-based team is weak, because there isn’t enough Magic Penetration.

What does magic penetration Do hero wars?

Magic Pen is an interesting stat. Most heroes, even magic heroes, use physical damage for the base attacks. Magic Penetration just reduces the efficiency of magic defense on enemies. For example, if the enemy has a 10k magic defense, and you have 12k magic penetration, then your magic damage will not be reduced by their defense.

There are a few heroes who use magic damage even for their base hits. Satori and Celeste are the ones that come to mind, but there might be others. The majority use physical damage for base hits though. Magic Damage is mainly restricted to their skills.

The simple answer is that yes, your magic penetration will increase your damage though.

Two things, outlands bosses stop leveling up at 120, and yes the magic pen will make them do more damage as it allows them to ignore some of the enemies magic defense.

Magic penetration: what is it for?

Hero Wars Magic Penetration
if initial damage is 5000, only 2500 will actually damage the target. If Hero has 1000 of Armor Penetration and their opponent has 3000 of Armor stat, only 2000 of Armor will affect the incoming damage.

I was also stuck on Brog at 113. My team is Celeste, Mono, Phobos, Orion and Maya. I run each battle in auto and don’t speed up the fight. When Brog preps to run there’s a visual sign of smoke coming out behind him. That’s when I activate Phobos’ ultimate which paralyzes Brog and keeps him from running. Maya is used for her heals and Mojo for his curse. Celeste provides emergency heals if necessary.

Maybe switching your team up will help.

Yeah that guy was dumb. Orion is the one you level up first. Helios is usually who you level after your tank then Orion in an ODh team. helios doesn’t have the magic pen. Orion gives him that every time he ults.
I remember this passage from Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality where a terrible security strategy is described: fence-post security. You build a single post several hundred feet high and call that your fence – nobody will be able to climb this fence, but then, everyone will be able to walk around it.
That Helios there feels like a fence-post defense against Yasmine: yes, no Yasmine in HW is likely to get past a 100k power Helios – but anyone who doesn’t crit will just run laps around him…
This topic already has a video on the main channel where they explained quite nicely with battles and animation how these numbers go. What they did not go into was other stats like dodge. It would be amazing if you could find this information and do a video about that.

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