Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code & Controls Codes

Today, we discuss Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Settings & Controls Codes (Battlegrounds Mobile India). So if you come for this information you are coming to the right place.

Today I also provide some extra information for you: Jonathan BGMI Id: Latest Sensitivity settings, Controls, Setup. One of the most popular Indian players in BGMI at the moment is Jonathan.

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code & Controls Codes

Jonathan has a unique style that differs from other BGMI and PUBG Mobile players. Even though many want to have the same style as Jonathan, it is impossible for everyone to do so.

Indian gamers frequently challenge Jonathan but are unaware of his BGMI ID. If you don’t know his ID, you won’t be able to contact him to play. Jonathan gained fame with PUBG Mobile. However, the Indian Government banned the game because it was considered a security risk.

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code

Jonathan’s Esports Journey

According to information provided on his YouTube channel, Jonathan is merely 18 years old. Jonathan has been a part of the TSM Entity. Entity Gaming was where he began his professional gaming career, and he has continued to play for the same organization.

Jonathan YouTube earnings:

Jonathan has gained a fairly good following on YouTube with his informative videos of the game since 2019. His channel offers a number of great gameplay videos, tips and tricks, sprays, drills, and more. Click here to get to his channel. Jonathan estimated earnings from his YouTube range between 60.4k USD and 966k USD yearly.

Youtube Channel: Click Here 

Jonathan BGMI ID 5112616229

Jonathan has achieved many things domestically and internationally during his career, which spans several years. The BGMI ID for Jonathan is 5112616229.

Jonathan BGMI Controls Codes:

Jonathan’s Control code is 6893-8862-3985-5281-804

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code:

Jonathan’s sensitivity code is 6893-4240-2977-3338-186.

Jonathan BGMI Camera Sensitivity Settings

8x scope10%
6x Scope8%
4x Scope12%
3x Scope14%
2x Scope24%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist30%
1st Person no scope104%
3rd Person no scope120%
1st Person camera(free look)100%
Camera(free look)100%
3rd Person camera(free look)100%

Jonathan BGMI ADS Sensitivity Settings

8x Scope12%
6x Scope12%
4x Scope, VSS30%
3x Scope, Win9424%
2x Scope26%
Red dot, Holo, Aim Assist20%
1st Person No Scope50%
3rd Person No Scope50%

Jonathan BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings

8x Scope80%
6x Scope70%
4x Scope, VSS235%
3x Scope, Win94240%
2x Scope300%
Red dot, Holo, Aim Assist300%
1st Person No Scope300%
3rd Person No Scope300%

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