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Last Pirates Trello Link & Wiki – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the Roblox Last EXE game. In this article, I am Providing what you most wanted right now, the Last Pirates Trello Link. Below You get the Trello link. Also, you will get all kinds of Last Pirates Gift Codes, Guides, and Official Discord links. I also covered here this game feature & Walkthrough.

Last Updated on 16 January 2023

Last Pirates Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Below we have shared the Last Pirates Link(Official One): –

Last Pirates Official:

Last Pirates Discord:

Last Pirates Trello Wiki:

As a good RPG, Last Pirates has certain complexities that must be understood as soon as possible. It is absolutely necessary to consult guides and ideally a wiki, and the best wiki or source of information that exists is Trello.

Roblox Last Pirates Trello Codes Wiki 2023

As of today, we have listed all the available Promo codes for the Roblox Last Pirates below. You can redeem these codes for Candy, Reset Stats, Cash, and other in-game items.

New valid Last Pirates Trello Codes Wiki 2023

  • Bleak_fat – Reset Stats (NEW)
  • Event – 5LP (NEW)
  • Chxmei – 10,000 Money (NEW)
  • Odyssey – 20K Money
  • Dream – Reset Stats
  • CarinaCaxtez – 5 LP
  • PixelJoe – Reset Stats
  • N4Animation – 30k Money
  • SEAFOUR – 1 LP

How to Redeem Codes in Last Pirates?

  1. Open Last Pirates on Roblox.
  2. Now go to tap on the Twitter Bird button.
  3. Enter your Last Pirates Codes in the box
  4. Enjoy your in-game rewards.

Last Pirates Trello Overview

Trello is an electronic composed exertion program that grants gatherings to fathom their tasks better. A helpful contraption grants you to take part, convey and collaborate on effectiveness needs. The Last Pirates bundle on Trello was made in November 2021. This social affair reveals investigates troubles, contests, events, and general information to the Roblox gamers.

Features of the Trello Last Pirates Group:

  • Rumby is the Owner and Modeler of this social occasion.
  • Hara is the N4Animation originator.
  • Zago and Fexortly are the scriptwriters for the social occasion’s appropriated substance.

Current Group Members:

The Last Pirates Trello pack has ten people with remarkable gaming names. They are recorded as:

  • Ayanami Rei
  • FrozenVerse
  • Itzcha
  • Krakenx
  • Loona
  • Not Important
  • Saki
  • Toshio Senpai
  • Tsukinogi
  • Zane Galaxy

Last Pirates Trello: Races

  • Human Race
  • Fishman Race
  • Skypiean Race
  • Mink Race
  • Demon Race

Human Race

  • Effects: Nothing
  • Chance: Unknown

Fishman Race

  • Effects: Diminishes DMG from water and swims faster
  • Chance: Unknown

Skypiean Race

  • Effects: Increases in Health and Geppo height
  • Chance: Unknown

Mink Race

  • Effects: Raises speed and fruit DMG
  • Chance: Unknown

Demon Race

  • Effects: Increases Rehabilitation and health
  • Chance: 0.5%

Last Pirates Trello: FAQ

The Level Chart

A: Leveling; Starter Island (1~15), Carnival Island (30~100), Rock Island (150), Justica Isle (200~300), Chef Restaurant (400~500), Arlong Park (600), Snow Island (700~800), Sky Island (850~950), Banadian Isle (1100~1300), Judas Isle (1400-1500), MarineFord (1600-1900), Desert Island (1900-2300), Sabondy Island (2300-2400), Citadel (2400-3000), Shallows Fungus Island (3000-3500) and Frostfall Castle (3500-4000).

Spin Guide

Players can spin in Justica Isle; you need the amount of X250k Beli or X1lp (with a limitation of X25 fruits/day for money and 30 for lp).

Last Pirates Max Level

Max Level is 4000

Last Pirates Max Stat

Max stats; 4k (3 stats)

Buso Haki

Players can get it from “Rock Island”. The requirements that you must fulfill are 300k Beli and level 1X00.

Observation Haki

There are 2 ways: Get it from “Judas Isle”, The requirements you must fulfill are 3m beli and 500 level. You can also obtain it by conquering the Green Sea Beast with X10% chances. (Max dodges: 8)

Conquers Haki

The only way to acquire it is to buy the gamepass. (2000 Robux)

Last Pirates Trello: Game Mechanics

  • Q: Dash
  • F: Soru
  • J: Buso Haki
  • K: Ken Haki
  • H: conqueror Haki

LP Currency Guide

LP is one of the in-game currencies that players can use to buy fruits, ores from collectors, fruit storage (70lp. From factory), stats reset (10lp. From factory), buy fruits or to buy a color for your buso haki. LP stands for “Last Pirates”, it’s also known as “Last Pirates Coin”. It spawns every X1 one hour around the tree.

Collector NPC Guide

The collector is one of the NPCs; players can buy fruits and ores with an amount of Last Pirates Coin and money. It spawns every X2 hours in a random location (Look on these locations; Starter island, Carnival island, rock island, or Justica isle)

Last Pirates Roblox Specifications:

  • 6,000 200 83 unique people have started playing the Last Pirates game.
  • 95 thousand 700 thirteen people have meant this game as their top decision.
  • Over 27.8M+ people have visited the power Last Pirates site until 8/2/2022
  • The Last Pirates game was made on first February 2021.
  • This game was continue to go invigorated on seventh February 2022.
  • 13 is the authentic server size of the Last Pirates game.
  • Last Pirates Trello has a spot with each and every game sort.
  • The Last Pirates game doesn’t allow gear use.

What are the game controls?

  • Q is used for run
  • Ctrl is used to run or run
  • Twofold spacebar is used to incite geppo
  • F is used to make a burst Stride
  • J is used for a weapon

Trello FAQ

We leave you some examples of what you can find in trello

How Can I Obtain a Fruit?

  1. Find it normally around the map
  2. Travel to Starter Island and test your luck with the fruit Gacha
  3. Wait for the Collector to spawn and purchase fruits from him
  4. Travel to Starter Island and purchase fruits for robux from the Blackmarket
  5. Complete the factory raid and press the red button near the haki color changer (must deal highest damage)
  6. Kill Purple Sea Beast it drop rare DF (10%) , legendary DF (5%)
  7. Find a Traveler’s ship with a silver or winged chest
  8. Wait for Fruit Gacha Wanderer to spawn and buy a fruit from him (fruit chances are higher than regular gacha)

Spawn Times

  • Fruit: Spawn Time / 1 hour Despawn Time / 15 minutes
  • Collector: Spawn Time / 2 hours Despawn Time / 30 minutes
  • Wandering Fruit Gacha: Spawn Time / 1 hour 30 minutes Despawn Time / 10 minutes
  • LP: Spawn Time / 1 Hour Despawn Time / 10-20 minutes
  • Fishman Boss: Spawn Time / 20 Minutes Despawn Time / 20 minutes
  • Sea Beast: Spawn Time / 20 Minutes (after last spawn) Despawn Time / 10 minutes
  • Lightning Boss (Kaido): Spawn Time / 1 Hour (30% chance) Despawn Time / 20 minutes
  • Flame Emperor: Spawn Time / 1 Hour 30 minutes Despawn Time / 10 minutes
  • Duke Turtle (Snappy): Spawn Time / 1 Hour 30 minutes Despawn Time / 15 minutes
  • Frozen Warrior: Spawn Time / 2 Hours Despawn Time / 15 minutes
  • Tree Monster: Spawn Time / 2 Hours Despawn Time / 15 minutes
  • Buddha Boss: Spawn Time / 3 Hours Despawn Time / 20 minutes
  • Swordman: Spawn Time / 3 Hours (50% chance) Despawn Time / 10 minutes
  • Golem: Spawn Time / 3 Hours (50% chance) Despawn Time / 15 minutes
  • God Of Lightning (Enel): Spawn Time / 4 Hours Despawn Time / 10 minutes

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