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How to get free Diamonds & Summon Scrolls

Are you a fan of strategy games? If so, then you’ll love Mobile Legends Adventure Game. And Now i am showing the latest Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes that you can redeem a huge number of premium Items. Now you looking for all the latest gift codes to redeem in Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA). Today, we’ll go through all of the active gift codes, as well as how to redeem them. A list of expired codes can also be found on this page.

This popular mobile game is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that is played on a three-by-three grid. You are assigned one of three roles – warrior, mage, or support – and must battle your way through the enemy base to ultimately claim victory.

Are you looking for some helpful Mobile Legends codes? Well, look no further! This article contains all the codes you need to get ahead in the game. From booster packs to exclusive skin offers, these codes will have you winning big!

Mobile Legends Adventure Redeem Codes:

These are some of the active Mobile Legends redeem codes that are currently working. However, keep an eye on this list, because we’ll add more if and when Moonton releases them.

FWT9L5 (NEW)500x Diamonds
MLADUNGEON500x Diamonds / 10x Premium Summon Scrolls
8JESRQ222941,000x Diamonds / 5x Premium Summon Scrolls
  • X7BOVF: Redeem code for x500 Diamonds
  • UNXPTZ: Redeem code for x500 Diamonds
  • 5L8VNO: Redeem code for x500 Diamonds
  • S3M0PW : 1st Mirage chest code for X500 Diamonds (Added on July 23rd, 2022)
  • TRPW762228N : Code added on July 4th, 2022.
  • 6D92BD2228G : Code added on June 10th, 2022.
  • 99WMXM2228H : Code added on May 31st, 2022
  • MLA9453 : Redeem this ML Adventure code and get rewards
  • 888888 : Redeem this MLA code and get rewards
Z9D9A6222881,000 Diamonds, 10 Premium Summon Scrolls, 500 Advance Essence
PTFCPC22289500 Diamonds
MLA9453777 Diamonds, 2 Premium Summon Scrolls, 100,000 Battle Points (One use per entire account)
888888288 Diamonds (One use per entire account)
MLAISLIT300 Diamonds, 30,000 Battle Points (One use per entire account)
MLAISFIRE3 Premium Summon Scrolls, 40k Battle Points (One use per entire account)
  • zmqa6n3sa3qr22et6 – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • mepjct6ewbgs22et7 – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • ffp788wrmwkp22evw – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • j3gdbbsdx6x622evy – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • x1v8m49dq – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • 61y1cv96b – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • 7b7k0v96b – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (NEW)
  • Z9D9A622288 – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (VN Exclsuive)
  • 888888 – Redeem this code for diamonds & more (VN Exclsuive)

How to redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes:

    • To redeem codes, you’ll first have to open the game and the Mobile Legends code exchange page.
    • In game, you will have to find your account ID. You can find that by tapping on your profile icon, and on the right side of the screen you’ll notice a long number, in this format: “ID: 123456789 (12345)”. The number you want to use is the one in bold.
    • Write down that number on the website, in the Game ID box, and then tap on Send.
    • You will receive an in-game mail with a code, which you can then copy + paste in the Verification Code box on the website.
    • Type in the code you got, which is valid for 30 minutes, and start typing in the codes and then tap on Redeem.
    • Your rewards should arrive in your in-game mailbox shortly!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang redeem codes:

Do you like free in-game loot and useful freebies that don’t require you to do pretty much anything in order to redeem? Then I’m sure these Mobile Legends redeem codes are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

  • jf3fmsreke3922dph
  • 43g9vmtmnwhj22dj4
  • xqz6w8qcmy9822cxw
  • baut3njr234r22d77
  • 6v62gg7qhtyx22d4t
  • mlbbblackfriday
  • ypxwe83b2udw22d4r
  • mlbb11megasale
  • csfu57pb8kyp22d4u
  • 4brrwp7wqp2h22cgc
  • 2ghbw228lqs
  • qszm29yy4cmr22bkf
  • ovs2kbc228kj

How to use ML Redeem Codes

The ID can be found on your in-game profile.

  • Open Mobile Legends and copy your game ID from your profile section in the game.
  • Open the code redemption page and fill out the details. Players will need to put in the redemption code and their game ID.
  • Press ‘Send’ after inputting the game ID. Players will get the verification code in their in-game mailbox.
  • On successful redemption, the player will get a message saying ‘Success’.
  • Input the necessary details to redeem the code.

You will receive the rewards in your in-game mailbox after redeeming the code successfully. It may take a few seconds before the rewards are sent. Click on “collect” to get them in your inventory.

About Mobile Legends Adventure Game:

As you play, you’ll collect items and abilities to help you survive and conquer. You can also team up with your friends to take on the computer or human opponents in multiplayer mode. To make things even more challenging, MLG features an epic siege mode in which you must defend your base against waves of enemies. If you’re looking for a challenging and addictive mobile game, MLG is definitely worth checking out!

Are you a fan of strategy games? If so, you’ll love Mobile Legends! This free-to-play mobile game is a hybrid of strategy and multiplayer online battle arena games. You can choose from one of several heroes, each with their own unique abilities and attacks, and battle against other players in the game for control of strategic locations.

There are several different modes in the game, including Co-Op, PvP, and Clan War. Co-Op lets you team up with friends to take on the enemy, while PvP pits you against other players in head-to-head battles. Clan War is a mode where you can join forces with other players to take down the opposing clan. There are also daily quests and rewards to be had in the game, so be sure to stay active!


Here we’ll provide info on ways to get more free stuff in-game:

  • Amazon: using Amazon you can get free Mobile Legend’s chests in-game. For more details, see our Prime Gaming Loot list.
  • New players: players who are new to Mobile Legends can claim seven days of login bonuses, and a beginner bundle for free
  • Free chests: these chests are unlocked every four hours. Unopened chests stack to a maximum of two
  • Medal chests: by earning medals in matches, you get medal points which can go towards unlocking one of these chests everyday
  • Achievements: by earning certain achievements you can get rewards
  • Daily quests: completing quests grants xp and daily activity bonuses, which accumulate to reward you with battle points. You can also open weekly activity chests if you earn enough xp
  • Events: some events, such as Odette Jigsaw, are often free and grant rewards
  • Daily supply: this free chest can be opened in the shop once per day
  • Weekend Benefits: by logging in on the weekend, and Monday, you can earn free hero trial cards
  • Mail: it’s always worth checking your mail in Mobile Legends, as often Moonton gives away freebies there
  • Diamonds: we also have a Mobile Legends diamonds guide which offers advice on how to get this all-important currency in-game


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