Tekken 8 Tier List 2024 – Best Fighters Ranking

The Tekken franchise has been a staple in the gaming world for decades, and with each new item comes a fresh batch of characters to master. But which fighters reign supreme in Tekken 8? In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of Tekken and break down the tier list for 2024.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this guide will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character so you can dominate the competition. So grab your controller, choose your fighter, and let’s get ranking!

Tekken 8 Tier List 2024:

This is our take on the Tekken 8 tier list right now based on what we’ve experienced in-game and during the closed network tests, but don’t be surprised if someone we thought was bottom tier ends up being dominant in the future. Again, Tekken is extremely well-balanced, so it’s nearly impossible to count any character out.

Tekken 8 Tier List

Tier S Characters – Most PowerfulTekken 8 Fighters

S-Tier characters are the absolute best of the best. Most of Tekken 8’s best characters are great all-rounders with strengths in certain areas, whether it be strong wall carry potential, how easy it is to get a launcher, their ability to pressure, etc.

Jin, JunTier S
HwoarangTier S
PandaTier S
YoshimitsuTier S
LawTier S
RavenTier S
BryanTier S
XiaoyuTier S

Tier A Characters – Strong

A-Tier is where a majority of the roster lies. These fighters are balanced, with clear strengths and weaknesses. And, while some of these characters are a bit stronger than others, they all do well in capable hands.

DragunovTier A
PaulTier A
ClaudioTier A
AsukaTier A
LarsTier A
LeeTier A
SteveTier A
VictorTier A
KingTier A

Tier B Characters – Decent:

Even down at the lowest tier, these characters are still viable. Not every character from past entries has fared well with the Heat system.

LeoTier B
FengTier B
KazuyaTier B
KumaTier B
ZafinaTier B
ReinaTier B
ShaheenTier B
NinaTier B

Tier C Characters – Below Average

LeroyTier C
Devil JinTier C
Jack-8Tier C
AlisaTier C
LiliTier C
AzucenaTier C

Is Tekken 8 Tier List Helpful for Players?

Our Tekken 8 tier list is a crucial guide that offers valuable insights into the game’s 32 unique characters for players of all levels. Despite being just a week old, the competitive meta of the game is yet to be fully established.

When Do We Update Tekken 8 Tier List?

We sometimes update the Tekken 8 Tier List so players can know about the game’s best characters and improve their gameplay.

Mainly, whenever there are any changes in the Tekken 8 game or any new characters are introduced, we will update our tier list.

Tekken 8 Game Wiki:

Tekken 8 is an amazing fighting game; many parts of Tekken games have been released so far and have been liked a lot by gamers.

Bandai Namco Studios and Arika created the Tekken 8 game, which is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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