Indian Server Redeem Code Free Fire

Indian Server Redeem Code Free Fire. Garena Free Fire is an action-packed battle royale game like Pubg Mobile India. Today, it’s one of the most played mobile games around the world, and it is highly reviewed on the Google Play Store as well.

The players can develop their own strategies for the game, such as getting into a position to land, buying weapons and other supplies, as well as fighting the adversaries. Find out how the game can be played. Here I updated Free Fire redeem codes India server and FF Indian server redeem codes today.

Name of AppGarena Free Fire
Latest Version1.64.1
Redeem code RequirmentsFree Fire Account
Redeem CodesAvailable
Last Updated20 Minutes ago
Reward Codes Benefits Free Diamonds, weapons, emotes, loot crates, coins, Gunskins Many more
Redemption Site

Latest Indian Server Redeem Code Free Fire:

The Garena Redeem codes for Free Fire, valid for Monday, November 1, 2021 will allow users to gain access to the diamante hack and royale coupons and many other benefits. The codes are valid until Monday, 1 November 2021. If the limit of the maximum number of redeems is exceeded, the ff redeem code today could not function anymore.

Utilize the FF redeem codes now to unlock resources that would otherwise be difficult to access within the game. The player can copy and then paste the Free Fire redeem code on the official Free Fire redeem code redemption website. The user must sign to the account that was utilized when sign-up to sign up for Free Fire.

Last update: 28 January, 2023
New codes added!
Some codes expired!

Free Fire redeem codes 2023:

  • FGN9QQSV31XZ (New)


  • U8S47JGJH5MG

Gloo wall skins


Free Fire FFWS Redeem Code (200K 400K 700K Live) – FFWS Today rewards codes:

FFWS Redeem Codes 2022 -Free Fire World Series Redeem Codes

Milestone 1 – 200K live watching rewards

  • Choose 1 Character out of 25 + 3x Diamond Royale Voucher

Milestone 2 – 400K live watching rewards

  • FFWS Dance Emoter + 3x Royale Voucher

Milestone 3 – 700K live watching rewards

  • Choose 1 out of 3 Gloowall Skin (Aurous Dragon, Dragon Seal, Ferocious Ink) + Room Card

Milestone Complete. Don’t worry guys You can claim rewards after 4:00am In-game Mail Section

FFWS 3M 6M 9M Live Watching Redeem Code

FFWS Redeem Codes 2022 -Free Fire World Series Redeem Codes

Milestone 1 – 3M live watching rewards

  • 2x Gold Royale Voucher

Milestone 2 – 6M live watching rewards

  • 2x Diamond Royale Voucher

Milestone 3 – 9M live watching rewards

  • Granate Skin

Free Fire redeem code and get free rewards like emotes and bundles (15 April 2022)

New Free Fire redeem codes to get characters, diamonds and emotes. Here’s a list of redeem codes that can provide players with rewards such as diamonds, emotes, characters, and more:




  • MHM5D8ZQZP22



Additional redeem codes

  • FF119MB3PFA5
  • FF11NJN5YS3E
  • FF10617KGUF9
  • FF1164XNJZ2V
  • FF11WFNPP956

Codes for costume bundles

Here are some redeem codes launched for costume bundles:

  • SARG886AV5GR
  • 4ST1ZTBE2RP9
  • X99TK56XDJ4X

Codes for emotes

These Indian server codes provide emotes:


Free Fire Max redeem codes for 22 February 2022

  • 1)Code: 4PVBSRG9ETBF
  • Rewards: 3x Skull Punker (AWM) Weapon Loot Crate
  • Server: Europe
  • 2) Code: FFCPNZ34BZJW
  • Rewards: Red Baseball Cap
  • Server: Singapore
  • 3) Code: FF119MB3PFA5
  • Rewards: Atlantic Warrior (Shoes) and Wasteland Roamer (Head)
  • Server: Indonesia
  • 4) Code: 94UBT7YAGUHZ
  • Rewards: 2x Diamond Royale Voucher, 2x Weapon Royale Voucher, and 2x Incubator Voucher
  • Server: Europe
  • 5) Code: FFPL72XC2SWE
  • Rewards: 3x Diamond Royale Vouchers and Pet Skin Spirit Fox: Battle Fox
  • Server: India

Free Fire redeem code for today (February 7)

  • Redeem code – FFCP9MH2QSJK
    Rewards – 4x Xtreme Adventure Weapon Loot Crate
    Server – Singapore
  • Redeem code – FFCPNZ34BZJW
    Rewards – Red Baseball Cap
    Server – Singapore
  • Redeem code SCHVRR6U7B2V
    Rewards – 1x Incubator Voucher
    Server – Europe
  • Redeem codeJZEWA4GYQDWV
    Rewards – 2x Weapon Royale Voucher
    Server – Europe

The codes are functional and have been tested before being included in this post. Once the code has crossed its expiry date, gamers will encounter a message informing them that the code is invalid.

Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) 2021 Redeem Code: 30 January

To celebrate the Grand Finals with the community, fans will receive appealing in-game rewards the more the community tunes in to enjoy the Grand Finals! The exciting drops include:

Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) Redeem Code

  • ● 300k concurrent viewers – Diamond Royale vouchers x 3
  • ● 400k concurrent viewers – Spirit Fox: Battle Fox
  • ● 500k concurrent viewers – Viewers can choose 1 out of 4 items (Otho, Spirit Fox, Flaming Red AK gun skin, Wiggle Walk emote)

Garena Free Fire Redeem codes for 4 January 2022:

  • Redeem code – FF119MB3PFA5

Rewards – Atlantic Warrior (Shoes) and Wasteland Roamer (Head) (Indonesia server)

  • Redeem code – WJ7AGANR8ASK

Rewards – Giftbox Token [Singapur server]

  • Redeem code – SFS29ERU9TDS

Rewards – Musical Monkey [Singapur server]

Free Fire redeem code for 31 December:

European server

  • RRQ3SSJTN9UK – 2x AK47 Flaming Dragon Loot Crate and 1x Diamond Royale Voucher

Indonesian server

  • FF11WFNPP956 – Killer Mind Surfboard and 1x Engineer Weapon Loot Crate

Indian Server Redeem Code Free Fire 13 December:

  • FF1164XNJZ2V: Winterland’s Snowboard and 1x Pink Devil Weapon Loot Crate (Indonesia server)

Free Fire Redeem Codes 13 December:

If you complete 600k Live watching then everyone can get a special glow wall skin. A special Emote and Ak47 gun skin redeem code. So wait for the code. When the Free Fire esports authority is released FFAC Redeem Codes officially, at the same time I will update here.

  • Redeem code: MQJWNBVHYAQM
  • Rewards: 1x Punishers Weapon Loot Crate [Europe server]

Free Fire Asia Championship Redeem Codes:

Hey Survivors, Congratulations on completing the 400K live watching milestone across all channels. Share the stream with your friends and complete the final milestone of 600K! #FFAC #IgniteYourFire

FFAC Redeem Codes:  FFAC2YXE6RF2

Working Free Fire redeem codes for today 26 November

  • Code 1: FF10HXQBBH2J
  • Code 2: FF101TSNJX6E
  • Code 3: FF11DAKX4WHV


  • Code 1: M1014 – Demolitionist
  • Code 2: Malice Joker (Surfboard) and Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate
  • Code 3: 1x M60 – Gold Coated Weapon Loot Crate and Heartthrob (Head)

Note: All three codes mentioned above are for the Indonesia server. 

New Free Fire redeem code for 22 November:

  • FF10HXQBBH2J: M1014 – Demolitionist
  • FF101TSNJX6E: Malice Joker (Surfboard) and Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate
  • FF11DAKX4WHV: 1x M60 – Gold Coated Weapon Loot Crate and Heartthrob (Head)
  • Redeem code: FF101TSNJX6E
  • Rewards: Malice Joker (Surfboard) and 1x Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate.
  • Free Fire redeem code: X99TK56XDJ4X  [India server]
  • Rewards: Black Rose Rocker Bundle, M14 Killspark Shinobi Gun Skin & 3x Diamond Royale Vouchers.
  • Redeem code: FF10TXPH7F7U
  • Rewards: The Hungry Pumpkin and Urban Rager Weapon Loot Crate

New Free Fire redeem code for 1 November:

  • Free Fire redeem code: X99TK56XDJ4X  [India server]
  • Rewards: Black Rose Rocker Bundle, M14 Killspark Shinobi Gun Skin & 3x Diamond Royale Vouchers.
  • Redeem code: FF10TXPH7F7U
  • Rewards: The Hungry Pumpkin and Urban Rager Weapon Loot Crate

Indian Server Redeem Code Free Fire 31 October 2021:

  • Redeem code: PETMANIAFQXD
  • Rewards: 2x Rockie Box (contains Rockie Pet and several other rewards) (Singapore server)
  • Redeem Code: FFESP5M4QWCH –(Indonesia server)
  • Rewards: 1x Pharaoh Weapon Loot Crate and Paleolithic (Mask) (Indonesia)

Garena Free Fire latest redeem codes for 1 November 2021

  • FF7WSM0CN44Z

How to redeem Garena Free Fire latest redeem codes?

  • First Go to the Free Fire redemption website.
  • Log in using Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple IDs.
  • Copy and paste any of the redeem codes confirm button to continue.
  • Check the game mail section, which is embedded, for rewards after successfully redeeming the codes.
  • Once the redemption is done, it might take as long as 24 hours for the rewards to show up in a player’s in-game mail.

Free Fire redeem codes Indian server

Garena’s Free Fire Redeem Code Today India Server is an 8-character unique code that is available only on Android or iOS. It is possible to use the Redeem Code released today to unlock free Items within the game on your smartphone. With this code, you can unlock games with free features, such as Gun Skins, Diamonds, and Elite Pass. New characters are also unlocked in some games for kids.

To learn more about the game, go through the article about the Free Fire game for PC found on the homepage. If you have any questions, please write them about the game in the Comment box below. The Garena free Fire redeem code that was released this morning is: 8816DA8XFCPDW. Make use of it on your smartphone or tablet to gain access to new functions within your game.

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