Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download iOS Version

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download IOS Version. Annihilation is the first South Asian esports title made by Crisis Entertainment. Originated from Bangladesh Crisis Entertainment now operates from Australia.

It’s not easy to make a game on a low budget. And their game is too lively because they practically doing the action by someone not just depend on graphics work. Their instruments are expensive also. To quote Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download iOS Version

Update: 11 May 2021
Hello, the developer team recently released the demo version of this game. To get the beta version download. Below I give a link to download the demo version Apk download from the Google play store.

Annihilation Beta version download Link:

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Demo version Download Step by Step:

How to download Annihilation demo version:
Step 2: Click become a tester.
Step 3: After becoming a tester click “Install the public version on Google Play” text shown in blue colour.
Step 4: Open the game Select your preffered graphics setting and press the button right down corned called “Ok”
Step 5: It will ask to Check email. Input this email “”
Step 6: Play the Demo game.
Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download iOS:

The link will be added automatically when the game developer released.

Annihilation iOS Download link(iPhone):

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download IOS Version not coming yet. you need to wait some days for getting an update.

Annihilation Game iOS System Requirements

You have to minimum operating system iPhone OS 10 And need only 1 GB RAM. Cause we know that iPhone has a powerful operating system and they have the most dependable quality.

Annihilation beta version download Apk:

Annihilation Apk Download link:

Everyone asking about “Why Annihilation is not available at Playstore?”

Admin confirms that Annihilation will not be available for Pre Registration on Playstore from now on. players can directly install and play Annihilation from Playstore on 30th April. Also, any kind of records of Pre Registration will not be removed. They have all details.

Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download Link:

So if it feels necessary, you should take your time to do much-needed adjustments to the game instead of trying to rush its release. Though Graphics not good enough but hopefully after the game updates it will be great. Personally, I think this game needs more optimization to make this game more sophisticated. But Gameplay, camera Angle, movement, gun physics that’s all it needs to be good. Graphics don’t matter if the game’s mechanisms are well enough.

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Is it developed on the unreal engine? Not criticism but you should:

Work on the cinematics a little bit more. Develop the rigid body and physics more. Recoil and reloading animation look unreal. Work on that too. The game looked outstanding on the other hand. Looking forward to playing it.

Everything is alright. The graphics are far more than better. But thinking about how the optimization will be. But, I don’t know why. The gameplay looked a bit weird. I would suggest you guys put more importance on gameplay mechanics than the graphics. Cause at the end of the day, this is a multiplayer game. And people usually do like a multiplayer game mainly for its gameplay and mechanism. So my opinion is, you did a great job when it comes to the part of graphics. But, I would kindly wish you guys to put some more proper gameplay in it. But to be honest, graphics is insanely satisfying. 

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Annihilation Official Social Account:

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