Fishing Clash List of Fish (Special & Boss Fish) 2024

What is the list of new fish in Fishing Clash? Publisher Ten Square Games frequently adds new fish to its fishing game.  Fishing Clash is a fast-paced online game where you try to catch as many fish as possible while avoiding the obstacles in your way. The game features realistic graphics and stunning environments, making it an entertaining and challenging experience. You can choose from several different fishing boats, each with its own unique abilities and capabilities.

Fishing Clash List of Fish

As you explore the open ocean waters, you will encounter different types of marine life including sharks, turtles, dolphins, and more. To make things even harder for yourself, there are floating mines that contain dynamite charges that must be avoided at all costs! In order to score points (and unlock new levels), you need to catch enough fish so that they spawn on top of your boat’s deck instead of sinking down below like pesky seagulls.

Once Fishing Clash starts getting hard – which it definitely does – you’ll want to use one of your special powers to knock those pesky fishes out of the sky using only your bare hands. Can you master this exciting aquatic adventure? Find here the Fishing Clash List of Fish and the dates of all the new additions. Whether it’s new fish or new places.

Fishing Clash New Fish

Find here all the events and information of the game Fishing Clash. These are often linked to major updates to the game or linked to important dates.

Clarion Angelfish

Date 29th October
New rare fish in the YELAPA FISHERY : Clarion Angelfish

Guineafowl Pufferfish in Hawaii

Date : 17th September
Their a new fish added today in Hawaii ! it’s the Guieafowl Pufferfish !
source : Facebook

Round Whitefish in the Kenai

date : 20 August
Round whitefish makes its debut in Kenai today!

Galapagos : The Peacock Wrasse

date : 13 August
Added new fish in the Galapagos area : the Peacock Wrasse

New Area : Yellow River

Date : 30 July
Let’s conclude the River Trip event with a new river – one of the most important rivers in the world. Yellow River is the newest high-level fishery in the game! By the way, take a close look at the fishery and it will bring you luck

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Lake Constance : New mythical fish

Date : 30 July
There’s already a legendary golden trout in the game. They added the Silver Lake Trout

Seychelles Fishery

Date : 23 July
A new fish in Fishing Clash : the Queen Coris ! It’s a rare fish, who will take place in the Seychelles Area

Game info

  • Title : Fishing Clash
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Publisher : Ten Square Games
  • How to Play ? :

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