Top FPS Games to Play On Your Mobile [Best FPS Video Games 2024]

Nothing beats taking out your frustration playing an FPS game and unleashing your rage on your
online opponents. Well, with the convenience of mobile games, this has become even easier
since you can download FPS games and play them easily.

Top FPS Games to Play On Your Mobile:

All you need is a good smartphone with some killer specs or even the basic ones, and a good
internet connection, and you’re set. For the latter, we recommend going with Xfinity Internet
since it offers reliable connectivity that will not result in lags or anything.

As for the games to play, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best ones to find in the market.
Each of these FPS games comes with spectacular gameplay, making them quite addictive. So,
let’s check them out now:


1. Doom (1993):

The iconic game ‘Doom’ made its way into the industry back in 93’s giving us the jeebies when
playing it. The gory effects of that time aren’t as horrifying; They did give us jump
scares now and then.

Thankfully, if you’re a follower of this amazing series, then you’re in for a treat because there’s
a mobile app for this version now. On its 25 th anniversary, Bethesda released the iconic game
with boosted framerates that will help you experience the game with its smooth graphics for
more gore.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

The iconic Call of Duty franchise finally decided to bring the action to mobile platforms and
brought COD Mobile in 2019. With amazing FPS, spectacular graphical integrations, weapon
and agent skins, and iconic maps, the game packs action like anything else.

Plus, you have all the traditional modes that made the game famous, apart from the campaign
mode. With Free-for-all, team deathmatch, hard point, and many more, you can’t stay
without playing the game and winning some pretty cool prizes.

Speaking of which, you also have COD points that you can buy to well, buy in-game skins and
more, and use them for showcasing or trading purposes.

3. PUBG Mobile

When we speak of FPS games, we can’t leave this one out. One of the highest trending games
with thousands of users online almost every day, PUBG Mobile brings an amazing FPS gaming
experience that would expect.

It’s primarily famous for its Royale Battle mode where 100 players land on a map, fighting to
achieve victory. PUBG currency or UC is used for buying item skins and more,
which can then be traded or kept as needed.

Interestingly, the game has an intricate weapon upgrading system that makes the game
challenging now and then. If you need an FPS game that’s addictive, then PUBG Mobile is
surely one of the titles to consider because who doesn’t want chicken dinner?

4. Standoff 2

We were all depressed when CS:GO finally departed (sobs slightly) but if you’re looking to play
a somewhat closer game, apart from CS 2, then this one is it. Standoff 2 is also regarded as an
unofficial version of the iconic desktop game, where you get almost everything similar to the
original game.

From joining clans and ranking to single-player and multiplayer modes, pretty sick weapon skins
to access to a huge marketplace, this game has a lot to offer. What’s amazing is that it requires
standard graphic settings without burdening your phone for power. That means you can install,
run, and enjoy the competitiveness of the game without any hassle.

5. Dead Effect 2

Who doesn’t like killing zombies? Well, instead of going for zombie modes in any games, why
not play a zombie-focused game for starters? Cool right? Dead Effect 2 is the right choice when
it comes to finding a zombie-killing game.

Featuring a zombie apocalypse, the players attempt to survive by, well, killing zombies. But it
has to be done strategically since it’s a single-player game and you have to run through the
campaign to accomplish missions.

It gives goosebumps with its compelling music settings, making it as enjoyable and addictive as
it can be. So, ready up because the zombies are coming!

6. Combat Master Mobile

Another mobile version of the game, Combat Master Mobile is somewhat inspired by COD.
The game itself packs some amazing graphics, game modes, and more that make it
stand out.

You can enjoy an exhilarating experience in an Arms Race mode or you can dive into a CS-
inspired Bomb Plant mode. The maps are small, making it a competitive game where you have to
dodge bullets while putting down your enemies.

It also has a personalized experience that allows you to adjust game settings
according to your needs. It’s perfect for polishing your shooting and strategy-building skills,
giving you a thrilling experience, worth the time.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, we can’t believe that we’re not adding some pretty iconic titles but this is it for now. Even
with the titles mentioned above, you’ll find yourself fully accommodated with the action and
thrill that you expect from an FPS game. So, get a good internet, download these games, and
begin the quest for being the best.

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