Distancing Myself From Everyone -Reminder To Myself

Distancing Myself From Everyone -Reminder To Myself. You know me today but I have known myself for 25 years. That’s such a powerful message. It is the right attitude that will prevent us from being hurt by what people say about us because they don’t know us as well as we know ourselves. Yeah, I know myself since last 25 years. It generally happened, evaluated people by face/ cloths.

Distancing Myself From Everyone -Reminder To Myself

You won’t be born to impress others as long as you know in your heart that you are on the right track keep with the flow and stay positive. However you present yourself in front of others there will be comments so it’s better to be in our comfort zone, according to me God is perfect but even he’s criticized then who are we?? So we should stop thinking about others and do what we like.

It is very easy to comment, but difficult to embed yourself. Don’t judge a person by his/her face. we must take into consideration that not everyone has the capability of thinking optimistically. especially when it comes to appearance. The Boy was concerned more about his looks. So it’s our society which..impose all these kinds of racism.

Once upon a time, there was a man who insults you but you don’t take it. you forget it and feel happy cause This man doesn’t know you. But you know yourself since last 25 years.

Moral of the story we should see ourselves through our point of view, not through people’s opinions. Because no one can understand you better than you. No one in this world has the right to judge us unless we react to them. You shouldn’t care what other people think of you, you know who you are, and that what’s matter the most. Learn to ignore and to let go of matters which you cannot control, life is alright then.

No matter what others think about us, Just ignore it because ignorance is bliss. It doesn’t matter how others look at us. But it does how we see ourselves. we r all beautiful in our own way. Always think high, feel high, live high, it does not matter what people think, what really matters is that I m the best. Don’t change your originality for the shake of other people because You are perfect when you are.

Mustn’t expect anything from anyone…anyone means anyone..next to you…that anyone is another mind, soul, heart, behavior, and mentality..how can it work according to you ..make you happy, or fulfill your dream? He or she ll definitely work for ourselves…so don’t waste time on expectations..work upon it, live your life consciously don’t waste it…love, care, listen yourself..don’t waste time to look or be good for others..take your time to explore everything that gives you the true and real happiness aloof of anyone’s fear or worries.

If you want to be happy then don’t take things and stuffs personal. Let people be. The only thing which is important is your mental health and spiritual health so focus on that.

It’s sad people here only recognize other people by their bank balances or successful careers or their external appearance we just forget to recognize each other as humans and treat everyone nicely. No matter whatever people think about us. just ignore and flow in our own way.

It actually needs very good determination to avoid.  since we are watching in a 3rd person perspective. but the man in the video is experiencing that 1st person.. no one should be bullied by any means… but avoiding truly needs to have a divine heart.

life is so much easier when we think about ourselves…but we don’t do this . we always think what people think about us and that’s why life is so much hard to surf through.

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